DIY Booby Traps

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Signs of Doomsday that have come true

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Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome: What Is The Conspiracy Theory?

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016 in Unfiltered News & Conspiracies

diseaseImage by n8kowald

A conspiracy theory has been suggested by a group of alternative medical proponents that yeast overgrowth affects the body internally and causes of a variety of different non specific symptoms other than the external, typical symptoms such as vaginal thrush, oral thrush and skin yeast infections.

The non specific symptoms listed below have been related to a disease referred to as yeast overgrowth syndrome, Candida hypersensitivity syndrome (yeast allergy), or gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth.

People who suffer from yeast overgrowth are most likely to be affected by toxins released by the yeast itself. Such toxins include ethanol and acetaldehyde which have a mild narcotic effect. These toxins, while produced in the bowel, can be absorbed into the bloodstream and affect the brain function, causing a variety of symptoms such as memory loss, a feeling of vagueness, irritability, moodiness, dizziness, spots in the vision or ringing in the ears.

These toxins negatively impact our cells by making it difficult for the white blood cells to fight infection, resulting in rashes, acne and the slowing of the healing process. It also affects the red blood cells ability to flow into capillaries, resulting in migraines, fatigue and muscle aches.

The symptoms you may experience if you have yeast overgrowth syndrome include:
• abdominal bloating
• reflux and gas
• diarrhoea
• constipation
• migraines
• headaches
• asthma
• bad breath
• premenstrual tension
• muscle pain or stiffness
• fatigue
• depression
• psoriasis
• sexual dysfunction
• food intolerances
• and much more

Often these symptoms appear even when there is no clinical sign of Candida albicans, the most common cause of yeast overgrowth. While these subclinical infections and symptoms are not medically recognised conditions, treatment for systemic yeast overgrowth in these individuals has lead to permanent relief from symptoms.

Bear in mind that even if you are not suffering from typical yeast overgrowth symptoms such as thrush, that it is not a sign that you do not have a yeast overgrowth. Thrush is just an external symptom, and you may be affected in other areas.

Candida hypersensitivity syndrome causes symptoms when you develop an allergic response to the small population of yeasts which live on your body as part of the normal flora. Just if you had a allergic reaction to strawberries or penicillin your body will react by setting up either local or systemic inflammations causing any number of symptoms such as redness, itching, rashes, swelling or more serious symptoms.

With the Candidasis now affecting up to one third of the population, and the majority of the population at risk with up to 80-90% harbouring the yeast Candida, why don’t doctors diagnose yeast overgrowth syndrome as a cause of many common symptoms and illnesses? The possibility of a conspiracy theory has been proposed due to the lack of action.

There are many conspiracy theories about the subject of yeast overgrowth syndrome but these have not been readily accepted by the medical fraternity. There has not been sufficient medical research done on this matter. This has lead to the conspiracy theory related to yeast overgrowth especially since medical universities and medical reviews that bring doctors up to date are funded and controlled primarily by the large pharmaceutical corporates who are focussed on the profits from the sale of their medications. If you look at an average medical review you will see that up to two thirds is dedicated to pharmaceutical products.

By prescribing a pharmaceutical cream or ointment for a yeast overgrowth infection such as thrush, doctors see immediate results with their patients. Be aware that if treatment is unsuccessful or becomes recurrent then the doctor must delve deeper to make sure the diagnosis is correct and to establish that the patient is not suffering from a more serious underlying disease such as diabetes. The problem with only treating the symptoms is that it will only reoccur in time, and then you will be prescribed the same medication again and again, which can actually cause the Candida to mutate and become resistant to the medications prescribed.

In many countries you can buy many of the creams and tablets for yeast overgrowth over the counter and this in itself has lead to self diagnoses and treatment of Candida infections. The problem with this is that there is a risk of incorrect diagnoses and treatment for yeast infection. It has also lead to commercial advertising of pharmaceutical medications to treat yeast overgrowth infections.

It is a fact that most doctors are aware of the natural methods of treating and controlling yeast overgrowth such as thrush. They prefer, however, to stick to the standard protocol for the treatment of yeast infections which is acknowledged by the medical fraternity to be the treatment of choice because it has been backed up by scientific research.It goes without saying , however, that most doctors would be happy to support their patient in a search for alternative treatments for controlling recurrent thrush.

If you believe you are suffering from yeast overgrowth syndrome it is important to do research to find out more about this disease and the rationale behind the conspiracy theory suggested by these alternative medical proponents. You can talk to your doctor or do research on the internet. However the best proof is in the cure. Treat your Candida infection and see if your other non- specific symptoms disappear at the same time. It won’t do you any harm and may provide the relief you are looking for.


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Using Parachute Cord in Survival Situations

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Survival

parachuteImage by Serhio Magpie

One of the strongest and most useful materials known to man is parachute cord. Used to secure the lines and harness of a parachute to the person that is being safely lowered to the ground, the cords that hold a massive load of weight and can stand up to the pressure of being pulled and tugged, are making their way into the fashion world. Making paracord collars and parachute cord bracelets that can be worn casually in any setting, a number of people are discovering the trendy fashion statement that is sweeping the nation. But fashion is not the only things that people are buying the parachute bracelets for.

Using the heavy duty cord to escape from a number of dangerous situations there are individuals that keep a supply of parachute cord near them at all times. Never knowing when they will need to lash together a shelter or even use the strength of the parachute cord for their survival, bracelets that are woven out of the machined material can be quickly unwound and used to help people that find themselves in a number of awkward situations. Due to the strength of the fabric there are a number of military personnel that have found many different practical uses for the cords that are intended to secure a parachute.

Being able to be woven into a rope, the cord is strong enough to tow a vehicle or come in handy when securing a lean to for shelter. Armed with a survival bracelet that has been made from parachute cord, campers and hunters have the ability to survive in situations when they are forced to make camp in the middle of nowhere and await the help of a rescue team. As Shelter is a number one priority for survivalists, it is important that the people who spend any amount of time in the outdoors be equipped with an easy to carry and practical tool that can provide them with a number of different resources for their continued existence.

Although they are designed to be a fashion statement, many people that enjoy roughing it in the outdoors are purchasing the parachute cord bracelets that are being custom created for the individual buyer. Choosing their own color combinations and sizing that will fit their own wrist some people are investing in their own survival by ordering pet collars that are constructed of the paracord fibers.

Allowing them to go out with their dog or cat and have access to the uses of the parachute cord material, if the need should arise, individuals that have a military background are making the most of their training by ensuring that if they ever get stuck they can use their pets, paracord collar to help them survive in the wilderness until help arrives.

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Why 911 Was A Conspiracy

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Unfiltered News & Conspiracies

twin towersImage by Bob Dass

There are many questions and theories regarding the legitimacy of the commission report issued by the Federal Government regarding 9/11. Many wonder whether or not it was it an inside job or if the towers brought down using a controlled demolition. These are all questions that have been speculated over and over again. Many have said that the entire attack was a global conspiracy set to bring about a Global Government. Countless others have said that it was orchestrated by the Bush Administration to bring in oil money for Dick Cheney and his company Halliburton. There have been many videos made and an entire movement has been started call the 911 truth movement.

Theory 1– Towers were brought down

It seems strange that the twin towers collapsed at free fall speed when they were only hit at the top third of their height. Why wouldn’t the tops of each building slowly fall down first instead of the whole building coming down at once? Many skeptics say that the jet fuel released by the planes was strong enough to weaken the entire metal structure of the building. If this was true wouldn’t the lower floors be more structurally in tact by the time the other floors collapsed?

Theory 2 — Building 7

The twin towers weren’t the only two buildings that fell on 9/11. A third building, building 7 also fell a few hours later. It was claimed to have fallen by fire and from the falling debris of the other two building, which many suspect as false information. The building fell in the same free fall manner as the other two buildings which seems unusual. It is difficult to imagine how would this even be possible.

Theory 3– NORAD drills

It has been said that the Government was conducting NORAD drills of a terrorist attack in NYC the day of 9/11. Another source shows that air traffic control in the DC area was warned about a possible hijacking coming from Boston around 50 minutes before the Pentagon was hit, however nothing was done to stop it.

Theory 4– Pentagon

There has been much said about the attack on the Pentagon on 911 as well. A plane hit the building, however there is no video footage anywhere showing the actual impact. No one seems to have actually seen the plane hit the building. Therefore, conspiracies have risen that the building was hit by a missile. There is one local video from a gas station nearby, however the impact occurs during a blip in the screen and is unable to be visible.

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