5 Weird Energy Sources

Image by hnix   In our never ending quest for energy sources, there have been remarkable scientific breakthroughs. According to Enmax Calgary, renewable energy usage has...

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DIY Booby Traps

Image by Quiltsalad   Booby traps are devices used to notify you of the presence of an intruder in your premises. They are set in such a way that the intruder triggers them...

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Signs of Doomsday that have come true

In the 2012 a very popular story about Mayan calendar has become actual again – the prophecy about the end of the world, the greatest catastrophe that can wipe down the...

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Area 51

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016 in Unfiltered News & Conspiracies

area 51
Image by Claudio.Ar


Area 51 is the nickname given to a U.S. military base, which supports the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. Popularly, believed to be a hideout for Alien activity. Located at 83 miles north of Las Vegas. It is a 6×10 mile block of land situated on the southern shore of Groom Lake.

Since its inception citizens have claimed to view UFO sightings and heard strange, rumbling noises. Yet, the government denies the existence of Area 51. Rather, it emphasizes the area used to serve as a site for military bombings.

During World War II the Groom Lake was used for bombing and artillery practice, but was abandoned until April 1955, when Lockheed’s Skunk Works team selected the location as an ideal testing grounds for forthcoming U-2 spy plane. The base has seven runways including one that now appears to be closed. The closed runway 14R/32L, with a total length of 7,100 m is the longest without any stop-way. The other runways include two asphalt runways with a length of 3,700 m and 1,600 m respectively. And, the remaining four are located on the salt lake.

Since the paranormal occurrences at this location, it has become the subject of curiosity. Many documents and articles have been written about the place. People in hope to turn the rumors true flock outside the complex hoping to capture some alien activity in their camera lens.

The base does not appear on public U.S. government maps and the USGS topographic map shows the long-disused Groom Mine. The area is restricted for both civilians and general military air traffic. Radar stations guard the area and any unauthorized activity is instantly noticed and apprehended with stringent laws. Unauthorized personnel from the military are expelled if caught strolling in the restricted surroundings of Groom’s airspace.

Nevada’s state government, acknowledging the potential of the folklore surrounding the base has renamed the section of State Route 375 near Area 51 “The Extraterrestrial Highway” in hopes of generating revenue from tourism. Area 51 has become the focus of UFO and conspiracy theories. These theories include:

-The storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft with its occupants at Roswell.

-Manufacturing of aircrafts based on alien technology.

-Joint undertakings with extraterrestrials.

-The development of exotic energy weapons for weather control.

-The development of time travel and teleportation technology.

-The development of unique propulsion systems related to the Aurora Program.

-Activities related with the Majestic 12 organization often referred as one world government.

These conspiracy theories have catapulted Area 51 as a notorious, paranormal activity site in popular culture, specifically in the area of science fiction. Many films and television programs focus on capturing the essence of these theories marked as fictious by the government.

Still several people have claimed knowledge of events supporting Area 51 conspiracy theories. Bob Lazar, who was contracted to work with alien spacecraft that was in the possession of government in 1989.

Similarly, an interview conducted with a 71 year old mechanical engineer who was a former employee at the site during 1950s, claimed to work on a “flying disc simulator” which had been based on a disc originating from a crashed extraterrestrial craft and was used to train US Pilots. He also claimed to have worked with an extraterrestrial being named “J-Rod” and described as a “telepathic translator.”

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5 Weird Energy Sources

Posted by on Aug 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Image by hnix


In our never ending quest for energy sources, there have been remarkable scientific breakthroughs. According to Enmax Calgary, renewable energy usage has increased about 10 percent in the past couple years. Here are some alternative energy resources that are being tapped and some that well could be, even if they are a little bit on the odd side.



Algae has several beneficial uses that extend beyond feeding fish and other aquatic life. There have been studies done that have shown that the lipid oil found in algae not only has health benefits for humans, it can also be used as fuel.


The biggest challenge facing lipid oil as a renewable energy source is the large amount of product that would be need to be harvested. Large scale use is something to look at down the road, but for now, it can be used on a smaller scale.


Electric Eels

As odd as it may sound, an electric eel in Japan was hooked up to a set of Christmas lights. An electric eel is capable of a jolt of electricity of 440v. While this isn’t going to power your house any time soon, imagine having a tank of them ready to light up your annual holiday decorations or even an outdoor lamp that provides some light for a late night picnic.


Your Nightly Leftovers and Food Scraps

There are companies using leftover food like fruit peels and coffee grounds to create anaerobic digestion to create powerful gases. These gases are being harnessed to produce electricity.


Food that is often headed for the landfill is now being used to power small towns and houses. The future will continue to get even brighter with the ever increasing use of these gases, giving us near perfect renewable, sustainable power generation.


Sound Waves

We know that vibrations and sound waves can generate piezoelectricity. This is caused by harnessing a sound wave by putting some objects into mechanical stress. At present, it looks like this type of power is only useful for generating small amounts of electricity for uses such as charging a cell phone or small battery. However, as research grows and companies find ways to harness this power, we may see houses and small towns powered through this method.



Yes, everyone’s favorite food, chocolate can be used to produce energy. A UK company fed leftover waste from it’s chocolate factory and added it to e coli bacteria. The combination of the two created hydrogen. Hydrogen is a clean burning fuel with only one by-product: water. The fats in chocolate were also recently utilized to power a race car. This biofuel byproduct got the car up to 130 mph on the track. A New Hampshire-based company even started using cocoa beans to be converted into biofuels. They began taking what were originally waste products and turned them into new power source.
The future of alternative power generating methods is bright and continues to grow. As the dependence on fossil fuels begins to dwindle, companies and individuals are finding new methods. Some have been around for years and others are strange, shots in the dark.

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The Importance of an Underground Bunker During a Disaster Scenario

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Prepping

Image by Batara


With so many things going bad all around the world, it’s no wonder that many people have developed an interest for prepping and the survivalist lifestyle. If you come to think about it, it’s a natural reaction, I mean, who could blame them?

There are so many scary developments out there, ranging from natural disasters to manmade ones, like wars and failing industrial equipment (think about Fukushima folks!).

In this day and age, it’s pretty hard to make your family feel safe anymore. The society became so alienated, that sometimes you can’t even trust your next door neighbor.

Prepping is the new parlance of our times. Getting ready for all sort of things, including an economic collapse or a natural disaster became almost a natural, autoimmune reaction to our profoundly sick society.

If you wrap your mind around it, if you want to be 100% protected against almost all types of disasters, including natural (floods, tornadoes) and manmade ones (EMP/Chemical/Nuclear attacks/fallout) , an underground bunker is the obvious answer. Yes, you got that right, the underground bunker is becoming increasingly popular among doomsday preppers and survivalists. And for a good reason folks!

Basically, building your own underground bunker (or shelter if you prefer) is not very complicated and it doesn’t require a huge investment. Actually, an underground shelter can be built at a very reasonable price, especially if you’re ready (and you have the skills) to put some of your own labor into it. If you’re not the handy type of person, you can use some professional services, but the basic construction materials are quite cheap. There are lots of cost-effective methods for building yourself an underground bunker, all you need to do is some research and have the determination to get the job done.

The next step is to stockpile imperishable foods and water inside your bunker. Again, most of these items are relatively inexpensive, especially canned meat, fruits and veggies; another must-have foods (also very cheap and nutritive) you’ll need to stockpile are bulk items, like beans, rice and seeds. Keep in mind that you’ll need plenty of water, to last you and your family for a long period of time. You must consider investing in water filters and chemical means for purifying contaminated water, like iodine tablets (there are lots of methods for doing that, you should do your homework online).

Air purification is crucial in a survival situation, especially inside of an underground shelter. Chemical weapons and nuclear fallout have long lasting effects over the atmosphere, hence the air quality inside of your bunker must be your top concern. Don’t hesitate to invest in a top-notch air purifier and also provide your bunker with proper ventilation.

Another essential item for an underground bunker is a power generator. Batteries are viable solutions for small appliances like radios and flashlights, but when it comes to heating/cooking/other vital equipment, a portable generator is the answer.

Last but not least, you must realize a simple fact : you can’t predict everything, so you should expect the unexpected, your scenario is as good as mine and anything can happen : an economic collapse, an EMP attack, nuclear fallout, a terrorist attack that disrupts the infrastructure, our government gone rogue against its citizens, all these things are capable of destroying the fabric of our society. Don’t take the risks lightly, just look around at all the madness in the world and start preparing now, until it’s too late!

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