9/11 Truth on Sundays at St. Mark’s Church – 2006 – New York City

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“Take the 9/11 Truth Test”
-Updated 22 April 2006-
Download current Sundays program flyer here.
(PDF, 8.5″x14″, with “Take the 9/11 Truth Test” on reverse.)
Scheduling info and contact: nicholas@summeroftruth.org
Doors open 6pm Sundays – Program starts at 6:30pm
Your $7 donation at the door goes toward funding future actions.
No one is turned away for lack of funds.
Since June 2005, authors and leaders of the September 11th truth and justice movement have hosted a weekly program, held almost every Sunday evening at St. Mark’s Church in Manhattan.
A different person or group is responsible for each event, but a typical Sunday evening features film, news, speakers, debate, strategies for new actions in New York City, free literature, music, and sales of books and videos about 9/11.
Sunday May 7th at 6:30pm – LUKE RUDKOWSKI of NY 9/11 TRUTH presents the Alex Jones film, “AMERICAN DICTATORS”
From the front lines of the fight against an expanding Police State:
A new “Super-Patriot Act” and the National ID Card. Shocking revelations surrounding September 11th. “American Dictators,” a 90 min film by Alex Jones is a must-see for all who love freedom. This movie unlocks minds so that freedom-loving individuals can decipher the mainstream media propaganda for what it is: an operation of the Military-Industrial Complex. There is a problem when there is no choice, when elections are controlled, when police are the military, when fear equals control, when speech is suppressed, when the economy is looted, when the people become slaves. But instead of bowing down and becoming slaves, Luke will discuss rising up and fighting the 2 nd American Revolution.
(St. Mark’s Church/ Sunday May 7 at 6:30pm/Sponsor: ny911truth.org)
Sunday May 14 at 6:30pm – JOHN ALBANESE presents the new film…
Musician, writer and film-maker John Albanese has waged the fight for 9/11 truth from the beginning. He is published regularly by www.oldamericancentury.org and has made a number of short films about September 11th, several available online at his Media Center. He has shown two films as part of the St. Mark’s Sunday program. The first, last October, was a stunning media compilation on the devastation of New Orleans. It can be viewed at John’s site, crisisinamerica.org, where one can also read his moving and deeply ethical writings.
Albanese’s new, feature-length work takes a factual look at the case for US government complicity and orchestration of the September 11th attacks. But it also works viscerally and has received a startling response from test audiences. “People get upset – and then ask for more copies to give to their families.”
A sneak preview was shown at St. Mark’s on April 16th. The official premiere will be held May 8th during a Town Hall Meeting at the Tribeca Screening Room (click here), posing a direct response to the nationwide opening of “United 93.” Offered for free distribution, “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime” is likely to achieve a new breakthrough in the public’s awareness of the lies surrounding 9/11.
(At St. Mark’s Church/Sunday May 14 at 6pm/Sponsored by Summeroftruth.org)
Sunday May 21 at 6:30pm – PEGGY CARTER hosts the FILM
“9/11 Revisited” is the latest popular hit in the growing galaxy of films challenging the official conspiracy theory of September 11th. A compilation of snippets from TV and other films, it focuses on the case that the WTC buildings were demolished using explosives. TV clips and eyewitness reports from the day of September 11th itself show news reporters, firefighters and other people who experienced the events They invariably describe the collapses as “explosions” and draw comparisons to controlled demolitions. (Fact is, the “pancake collapse,” which government scientists consider so self-evident as a theory for the fall of the three steel-frame skyscrapers, is entirely without precedent. Prior to September 11th, the only skyscrapers to ever fall into their own footprint, let alone be pulverized into rubble and pyroclastic flows, were all brought down with explosives.) The witnesses also often speak of hearing or feeling explosions before the collapses. Later sequences feature a Utah television news interview with Prof. Steven Jones and clips from lectures by David Ray Griffin, Jeff King and others.
9/11 Truth campaigner and host PEGGY CARTER will discuss the problem of communicating with the public, acquaintances and friends on the reality of 9/11 vs. the fantasy that has ensnared most people.
(At St. Mark’s Church/Sunday May 21 at 6pm/Sponsored by Summeroftruth.org)
NOTE: The following dates are subject to change. Ample notice will be given, so please check this space again. We are grateful to St. Mark’s for generously allowing use of the Parish House to 9/11 truth activists.
Sunday May 28
TOM FOTI ON “THE FINANCIAL ARCHITECTURE OF 9/11” (Sponsored by ny911truth.org)
Sunday June 4
“Psst… Osama is a Bush. Pass it On.” Stylish and youthful, the three half-hour episodes of SGTV by film-maker Rob Ptak were among the first films ever to question 9/11, and they remain among the best. Featuring Michael Ruppert, Cynthia McKinney, Michael Meacher, Colin Campbell, Greg Palast, George W. Bush, Nico Haupt, a demonstration at the Carlyle Group, and much more. The filmmaker, Robert Ptak, has been invited to screen new work. (Sponsored by Summeroftruth.org)
Sunday June 18
The creative duo will launch TruthMove.org, a new website and organization dedicated to informing the public of government deception and supressed information. All progressive movements share a dedication to promoting facts. From this unified dedication is born the Truth Movement. The founders will present the new website and address the significant role of 9/11 facts within the broader Truth Movement. We will discuss the relevance of values, insight, action, and psychology. 60 min. (SoT)
FILM: Clips from Mike Ruppert’s new video, “Denial Stops Here.” 45 min.
Sunday June 25
Sunday July 2
SANDER HICKS, Author of The Big Wedding.
Presentation by the Green Party 2006 candidate for US Senator from New York. (SoT)
July 9 to Aug 13: TBA
Sunday Aug 20
90-minute documentary tells of the Russian “9/11”: the Moscow apartment bombings of September 1999, which were blamed on Chechens but actually orchestrated by the all-powerful FSB, formerly known as the KGB. This gives us a glimpse at “synthetic terrorism” around the world. Intelligence networks have often orchestrated attacks on their own citizens and blamed foreign enemies (“false flags”) as a means of justifying wars or repressive policies. This is not historically unusual. Is the United States immune? (SoT)
Sunday Sep 3
FILM: “7 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER” The most emotionally powerful film about 9/11 ever made. (SoT)
Sunday Sep 10
Sunday Sep 17
Based on the ideas of Steven Jones, James T. Hoffman and David Ray Griffin.
Exclusive interview with Steven Jones, the Brigham Young University professor of physics who argues that the mechanism of the building collapses proposed by US government investigators is implausible. Also featured is Jim Hoffman , who pioneered research in this subject as the creator of three meticulous and sprawling sites: wtc7.net, 911review.com and wtc7.research.net. With Don Paul, Hoffman is the co-author of Waking Up from Our Nightmare: The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City. The film also includes a segment with Professor David Ray Griffin, the author of The New Pearl Harbor and Omissions and Distortions: The 9/11 Commission . Griffin spoke to standing-room only crowds in New York last October on “The Destruction of the World Trade Center.”
The film critically examines the demolitions hypothesis, carefully evaluates the evidence, and includes never before-seen images of the aftermath at Ground Zero. Present will be the film-maker, Michael Berger, media coordinator of 911Truth.org (whom many of you now recognize through his appearances on CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” and radio’s K-Rock).
(At St. Mark’s Church/Sunday Apr 9 at 6pm/Sponsored by Summeroftruth.org)
(NOTE A film that explores the “puzzling collapse” of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 – the third skyscraper to fall on September 11th, although it was not hit by an airplane. Although it was not hit by an airplane, WTC 7 folded in on itself and collapsed completely within its footprint at 5:20 pm on Sept. 11, 2001, in the fashion of a classic controlled demolition. Tenants at this unusual building included the CIA, the Department of Defense and the offices of the SEC, which was storing paper files on 200 ongoing securities fraud investigations.)
Sunday Apr 16 at 6PM – NICHOLAS LEVIS speaks on
An unscrupulous regime exploited the events of September 11th as a means to justify war, foreign invasions and repressive domestic measures. The insight is now becoming widespread that the September 11th events (and the justifications they provided) would have been impossible without orchestration or complicity by elements of the US government itself. Just as September 11th changed the world, so too can 9/11 truth become the catalyst for a positive transformation – a turn away from secret government, hidden economy and the rule of the vanishingly few, and a renewal of democracy and constitutional government.
The presentation will be accompanied by a selection of clips from possibly the most moving film ever made about the subject of 9/11: “7 Days in September.”
NICHOLAS LEVIS has played a major role in organizing countless 9/11 truth actions, from Berlin to San Francisco, including the Sunday series at St. Mark’s Church. He was the lead researcher for the “Justice for 9/11” complaint to NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, which demands a grand jury be convened to investigate the unsolved crimes of September 11th. He has authored many articles on scoop.nz, 911Truth.org, summeroftruth.org, and other web sites, as well as the book Working for the Enemy: Ford, General Motors and Forced Labor in Germany during the Second World War (2000).
(At St. Mark’s Church/Sunday Apr 16, 6pm/Sponsored by Summeroftruth.org)
Sunday Apr 23 at 6:30pm – RALPH SCHOENMAN …
Together with Mya Shone, Ralph Schoenman is the host of the “Taking Aim” radio program (www.takingaim.info), broadcast in New York on Tuesdays at 5 PM on WBAI-FM 99.5. Taking Aim is an integral part of the fight-back of working people and the oppressed that is central to the survival of civilization…. Schoenman’s analysis and discussion of the events of 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, “World Trade Center: Uncensored History,” left WBAI’s audience riveted to their radios waiting for the next installment. His methodical examination of the category of terror reveals its use as an ideological rationale for wars of unlimited destruction, wars waged against the rights and social gains of working people everywhere under the cover of false-flag terror operations such as the events of 9/11, which Schoenman argues were authored by U.S. rulers and their intelligence agencies.
(At St. Mark’s Church/Sunday Apr 23 6pm/Sponsor: ny911truth.org)
Sunday Apr 30 at 6PM – JESSE RICHARD, founder of TVNEWSLIES.ORG speaks on
The popular media critic site TVNewsLies.org is cited regularly on Air America Radio. Its founder, JESSE RICHARD, who has in-depth knowledge of 9/11 research, will present a broad overview of the corporate media, its methods for disseminating propaganda, and the disastrous consequences. This event will give 9/11 truth activists a deeper understanding of why we’ve been up against such challenges getting our issues covered in the past. Here’s a detailed description of what will be covered:
What is Journalism? TV News and the role of the journalist in a democracy. When the Truth is a Lie – The many ways one can lie. It’s the Corporations, Stupid – Why it does not matter “who” is actually behind the deception. No News is Good News – An explanation of how America does not have a single national news broadcast program or network. Tips and Tricks – Some easy to spot techniques of deception. Dual Citizenship – How many members of the media are also members of high-level secretive para-government organizations? The many conflicts of interest of today’s news personalities. Political Props – The epidemic of politicians or political operatives who turn broadcast journalist. Surrounded by Invisible Elephants – Discussion of how most of the most important events are completely ignored by the media. The Bush years – Elections, 9/11 and war – A Fascist Dream Come True. 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 – The prime example of a compromised journalism industry. Conspiracies, secrets and the violation of public trust – The history of how massive conspiracies have been kept from public view with the full cooperation of the media. Conclusion: How to watch the news & why we should consider today’s corporate journalist our enemy.
(At St. Mark’s Church/Sunday Apr 30, 6pm)

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Nicholas Levis

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Fifteen years residence in Germany through 2004, working as a translator (German to English), editor, reporter, researcher, copywriter, project manager, interpreter, language teacher and consultant for clients in publishing, media, business, industry, finance, government, academia, health care and the arts. Full command of requirements and style for academic, journalistic and specialized writing tasks.
Electronic Skills: Proficiency in word-processing, spreadsheet, web design, graphics, database and DTP programs as well as all forms of Internet-based research.
New York: Berghahn Books, 2000. (Initiator, editor, co-author and translator of this scholarly history, based on original research and on German-language works by the historians Reinhold Billstein, Karola Fings and Anita Kugler. Long section of translated interviews with former forced laborers at the Ford-Werke AG factory in Cologne, originally conducted by the NS-Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Köln.)
Global Circus. Narratives of Globalization — International Journal of Political Economy (IJPE) Vol. 26, No. 3. Ed. Nicholas Levis. New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1997.
Leonhard Emmerling. Jean-Michel Basquiat 1960-1988. Cologne: Taschen Verlag, 2003.
Sandro Bocola. Timelines – The Art of Modernism 1870-2000. Cologne: Taschen Verlag, 2001. (Translator; graphic version of Sandro Bocola’s Art of Modernism, see below.)
Sandro Bocola. The Art of Modernism . Art, Culture and Society from Goya to the Present Day. Munich: Prestel Verlag, 1999. (Co-translator; monumental textbook treatment of Modernist art, covering many major artists’ works in relation to the politics, science and society of the 20th century.)
Alexiadou, Vefa. Holiday Feasts. Athens: Vefas Editions 1996. (Cookbook, translated from the Greek.)
Apr. 2000 – June 2002: Translated about 300 articles, mainly in The Arts (Feuilleton) and Politics, for the daily English edition of Germany’s leading newspaper. This work dated back to 1998, when the English-language F.A.Z. concept was first developed. F.A.Z. translators were required to deliver finished, polished renderings of challenging texts overnight, or within hours. Now defunct, the daily F.A.Z. English Edition was published at www.faz.com and in Germany and Austria as an insert in the International Herald Tribune. (It has been replaced by a weekly digest produced in-house.)
Periodically in 2000-2001: Consultant at the Textbüro Sabine Reul agency in Frankfurt, helping to organize and train the staff of fifty translators who worked for F.A.Z. English Edition. Directed seminars, worked as editor, wrote style guides.
Translations of development project reports for the Heinrich Boll Institute, 2001-2002.
Translations of company reports and forecasts for the Economics Department of WestLB, the state bank of North Rhine/Westphalia, 1999-2002.
Translations of essays and articles in Tanz + Ballet, Berlin, until the suspension of the English version for financial reasons in Oct. 2001.
English sections of DIALOG, magazine of the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft in German and English, Cologne, 1996-1998.
Jäckel, Eberhard. “Downfall or Liberation?” History Today, London, 45:5/1995. 
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, June 1987. Tyng Memorial Scholar. Courses in History, English, Film Arts, and Video/Film Production. 
Courses in theater, film, acting and political philosophy during Junior Year Abroad program at the British and European Studies Group, London, 1985-1986.
Graduated in 1983 from Hunter College High School, New York City.

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Barrie Zwicker Testimony of 9/9/04 (Summer of Truth)

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Symphony Space, New York, NY
Developed by 9/11 CitizensWatch & 911truth.org
00:01:32:11 BARRIE ZWICKER: Well thank you very, very much Cynthia [McKinney]. May I use your first name?
00:01:38:08 CYNTHIA McKINNEY: You better.
00:01:40:17 BARRIE ZWICKER: I would not describe myself as a researcher actually. I don’t want to, I don’t want to correct your introduction, we were getting along so well, but truly I think that I am, I, I see myself as a popularizer. I have done research, I was an investigative journalist for Canada’s national newspaper for a time and all journalism should be investigative. But it turns out I think I’m a, I’m a popularizer. And the voice I will use in my prepared remarks today is different from the voice I would use in the DVD that will premiere tonight, The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.
00:02:23:24 Somebody’s trying to get my attention.
00:02:25:18 WOMAN: Get sworn in.
00:02:26:27 BARRIE ZWICKER: Get sworn in?
00:02:27:23 CYNTHIA McKINNEY: Oh yes that’s right. Thank you very much.
00:02:34:21 CYNTHIA McKINNEY: Do we swear in popularizers?
00:02:37:24 AUDIENCE: Yes.
00:02:39:21 CYNTHIA McKINNEY: Do you swear to tell the truth to us all here today?
00:02:45:04 BARRIE ZWICKER: I do swear to tell the truth to the best of my ability here today and every day.
00:02:55:24 BARRIE ZWICKER: That was an interesting diversion. Thank you audience person. Now in the interest of not taking other peoples’ time I will stick pretty closely to my prepared remarks here which begin this way.
00:03:10:29 “History is bunk” said Henry Ford. Interestingly he was a supporter of Hitler sending the Fuhrer a birthday gift each year. Another quote: “Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it” wrote Santayana whose reputation for thoughtfulness was a little better than Ford’s. Now my responsibility here today is actually not so much to tell background behind the making of Great Conspiracy although I’ll digress for a moment with a little tad. Moments from now boxes are supposed to arrive at the back there that contain the first issues of and I was talked into this, Barrie Zwicker’s “9/11 Resource Guide,” 52 pages.
00:04:00:02 And in it there’s a story about how The Great Conspiracy was made but mainly it’s a transcript of the DVD. It’s probably the best list of 9/11 websites assembled anywhere. It includes John McCurdy’s 9/11 literature survey divided into nine sections, very sound and other resource materials like that. It will go on sale in, in moments.
00:04:27:00 But my responsibility is not to discuss the making of the that, I hope, popular, another popular DVD because The Great Deception did prove itself in the market if you will. My responsibility is to address 9/11 and history. And to be truly responsible I must add the media. And to say there’s an intersection between history and the media, however, comes close to being a misstatement unless we mean relatively insignificant and/or officially approved history. Now an example of officially unapproved and significant history would be Howard Zinn’s book A People’s History of the United States.
00:05:10:06 The media and significant history barely intersect. And I say that as a person who has earned his living as a media critic for 33 years. Just as the media and 9/11 barely intersect, especially in respect to the claiming anomalies in the official story, some of which have been so compellingly defined here today by Janna and by John sitting in this very seat. I hope some of his erudition might rub off on me one way or another and the official story is the history of 9/11 as presented by the media to date. The New York Times ran a front page story in which the Times endorsed the Report of the 9/11 Commission as the final version of the history of 9/11.
00:06:03:24 And in the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper in the book review section about two weeks ago, a gentleman named Wesley [LAST NAME (?)] who’s an intelligence specialist, he wrote a review of the 9/11 Commission Report and another equally thick and equally unrevealing and distorted volume called the 9/11 Investigations, I think. And he praised these to the skies saying that this is history the way it’s supposed to be. And somehow, even though he mentioned there was no index – now he seemed to overlook that, do not trust a book without an index. Someone doesn’t want to check. And indexes are extremely revealing.
00:06:47:19 So someone coined the phrase, supposedly admiring journalism, that it is history on the run. And I say journalism is more like history on the lam. [LAUGHTER] The media to be more academic, to use more academic language, the media are ahistorical. If you’re depending on USA Today or ABC for your historical perspective, you are on a blind date with history. It’s not an accident that some of those that some of us respect the most for their questioning of the provenance of 9/11 are historians. I mentioned Howard Zinn. There’s also the marvelously well informed and capable Webster G. Tarpley of Washington, D.C. [APPLAUSE]
00:07:34:08 Now allow me a few – yeah. [APPLAUSE] Allow me a few observations about trends in the media, especially in regard to the media’s relationship to power and history. This is the time to do so and to become more specific in that regard and to look at both the deadly pivot point in history and to critique the media’s role in cradling that pivot point. Now there are many examples of rulers – by what I mean by pivot point – many examples of rulers surreptitiously ordering self inflicted attacks to mobilize public opinion behind their usually war agenda.
00:08:21:05 You can go back as far as Sparta. But more recently, for instance, in 1605 there was the so-called gunpowder plot against the British parliament buildings. Now, now I’ll allow myself a digression here because it shows just how conned we can be. It so happens that my birthday is November the 5th. So I grew up knowing about Guy Fawkes Day, which is November 5th. And I always knew the little rhyme “Remember, remember the fifth of November/ Gunpowder, treason and plot.” And I always assumed that there was a guy names Guy Fawkes who took barrels of gunpowder under the bridge of parliament buildings in 1605 and, tried to light them to blow up the parliament buildings against, to, to the detriment of the king.
00:09:12:09 And it turns out, I just learned a few months ago, that that was a deception by King James. It was cooked up and Guy Fawkes was framed and his co-conspirators, alleged co-conspirators, were frame and they were hanged. And it was to aid the king in his wish for war with Spain and to generally, buttress his reign. And I’ve gone literally my whole life not knowing about a deception pulled off by a ruler of old . . . and I just didn’t know. And my son – last night I phoned him and his did some checking on the internet – and the official story about Guy Fawkes Day is still the one most people believe.
00:10:02:10 So if we are able to uncover the truth of 9/11 is will be in a snap of time in terms of historical development. And I hope we can. So you go back to Sparta as I say, you go back to 1605, you go back to 1989, the Spanish-American War. Why did the battleship Maine blow up in Havana Harbor? Why did somebody store all the armaments inside the boiler room? This is not a complete list. You have 1941, Pearl Harbor, in 1950 the Korean War, in 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident, in Operations Northwoods Plan, the non-existent incubator babies of 1991, who paved the way for Dever-, Desert Storm. And, of course, the greatest deception of all, 9/11.
00:10:53:14 Now in my DVD premiering tonight I do include sections on the Reichstag Fire of 1933, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin and Desert Storm. And so let’s play a brief clip on the Gulf of Tonkin incident and then I’ll tell you why I chose this clip, this example from such an embarrassment of tawdry riches.
00:11:28:17 Now fast forward just two years from Operations Northwoods to August 2nd, 1964. In the Gulf of Tonkin, North Vietnamese torpedo war-triggering deception, is partly because of one comment made to me personally two weeks ago today in Toronto by John Gibson of Fox News. Fox flew a crew from this city to my city to interview me, and I put interview in quotes, and I am losing my ability to read.
00:12:10:23 So, whoever’s in charge of the lights.
[a short video is played]
00:12:12:05 CYNTHIA McKINNEY: Lights please.
00:12:13:26 BARRIE ZWICKER: Oh, thank you. So on September 11th, Fox News is to air a one hour documentary on anti-Americanism around the world. I hope someone will tape it. And on that program unless there is a miracle or a mistake I will appear playing the role of mincemeat. [LAUGHTER] Fox learned of my miserable existence through Professor Nancy Snow of the University of Southern California – I think it’s where she is. She’s a friend and colleague. She has co-edited a book to be published shortly titled War, Media and Terrorism: A Global Perspective.
00:12:58:02 And I contributed an academically sound chapter titled “America: The Fourth Reich,” which Fox is almost certain to publicize in its own way. In any event during my be – excuse me – during my being grilled by John Gibson, he readily agreed to, to my surprise, that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a sham. Now I can only presume that this was because LBJ, a Democrat, was in the White House at the time and the only things Fox hates more than terrorist harboring Canadians is Democrats. [LAUGHTER]
00:13:38:16 At the time of the Tonkin Gulf deception no media questioned the events. And I will digress just one other little time here and I hope this is not going to sound self serving. It really isn’t intended to be. I remember seeing that headline in the Globe and Mail. I remember seeing the headline that was shown in the Globe and Mail and, which I was working for at the time, and I remember myself thinking this is fishy. Now I don’t say that to be self aggrandizing. I say it because there’s a huge history. What is it that makes us in this room, so you have to explain, what is it that makes us question things? I haven’t found the answer to that. I mean it isn’t sexual orientation, it isn’t culture, it isn’t race, it isn’t religion. I don’t know what it is. What is it?
00:14:30:16 Well anyway we’ve go to Q&A. I would say that the media swallowed the Gulf of Tonkin trick hook, line and sinker. I have said generalizations about the media which could be heard any time, any day. [LAUGHTER] And I’ll move rapidly through to my conclusion. History remains hidden. It is stillborn and it remains that only the people, we the people, it seems, can force history out into the open bit by bit. And this is what we’re engaged in here today. We, the ruled, must do everything we can that is non-violent to reveal the tool of grand deceptions, wielded by the rulers, for the blight on humankind that it is.
00:15:27:17 The day is long passed that this murderous ploy should have been removed from the bag of dirty tricks that rulers use to keep populations in line and to line the pockets of the few. Thank you.
00:15:52:10 CYNTHIA McKINNEY: Okay, now we have a brief opportunity to ask questions of Mr. Zwicker. And we’ll start again with Commissioner McIlvaine.
00:16:02:06 BOB McILVAINE: I just wanted to ask a couple of things. There’s one thing that I can’t get with. Do you think if Bush loses, or when he loses, the media will attack him? It seems like the, the fear factor is so great in the media that they’re just . . . But I, I’m hoping that once he, once he loses that the gloves come off and we really might get the truth a lot quicker than like the Warren Commission.
00:16:30:19 BARRIE ZWICKER: Well that, Bob, that is really, really a, a deep and excellent question because it’s true that the media, – look at Martha Stewart – the media will attack like a bunch of piranhas when somebody’s down and out. So normally they serve power, they reflect and promote – they reflect power and thereby promote it and serve it through servitude rather than questioning power and thereby serving it to loyal opposition. So questioning Bush needless to say, and he, it’s, if he goes down yes they might attack him.
00:17:08:25 There’s such a thing as fad in journalism. The, or pack journalism and they may do that. But I don’t know. You’re looking at a dynasty there and I will leave it at that. I mean I could – all sorts of ideas pop into my mind, or whether it would be maybe better if Bush was re-elected and make things even worse being which might in historical times speed up the clean up that we need. I mean I know that sounds heretical but –
00:17:39:22 BARRIE ZWICKER: And, and, and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that Kerry is much, is much the same.
00:17:46:22 MAN: Right.
00:17:47:04 BARRIE ZWICKER: You know you [APPLAUSE OBSCURES] between their foreign policies. And mostly Kerry has just said he won’t let Toronto ship its garbage to Detroit. [LAUGHS] Shame on him. Joking. [LAUGHTER]
00:18:03:08 BOB McILVAINE: I just wanted to make a statement. You know, I, I had the quotes in my notes from being down at the commission hearings. But then Denise once said – we were in the commission hearings or hearing the news, whatever – she says, “Don’t forget this is an exposition, it is not an investigation.” So I think that was a real clue of what the nine, 9/11 Commission was all about.
00:18:24:01 BOB McILVAINE: And my last question is, why is it the real of the world seem to be getting this idea of what’s happening in the world and it, it’s all going in the wrong direction, and yet the people in the United States – I mean it’s that basic question. You asked why. What is it in the American public that they don’t want to answer, ask these questions. Are the Europeans, Canadians or are they, they say I won’t try. So . . .
00:18:46:02 BARRIE ZWICKER: Well there are distinct differences. Thirty percent of Germans, these are, these are –
00:18:52:13 MAN: Academics.
00:18:53:08 BARRIE ZWICKER: These are polls. Thirty percent of Germans, young Germans anyway believe that the U.S. government had a hand in 9/11, was complicit in it.
00:19:01:02 WOMAN: Yes.
00:19:01:16 BARRIE ZWICKER: A poll that we commissioned in Canada in May found that 16 percent of Canadians believed that. Sixty three percent of Canadians believed that – I believe this is almost a quote from our poll question – that persons within the U.S. government up to and including the White House has foreknowledge of the events, we don’t use the word facts, of the events of 9/11 and, and deliberately failed to prevent them. Sixty three percent of Canadians believe that.
00:19:34:02 BARRIE ZWICKER: I used to live in in the United States and I love it. I love it when people call me anti-American. I love it because it just gives me an opening and I demolish them. But because I have so many friends here and, and I have so much respect for all sorts of American traditions. But at the same time you live in a cocoon here and it’s all got mirrors inside it. And it’s all kind of USA is the greatest. And it, and it, and it, it harms the, the judgment.
00:20:17:05 And so outsiders can see that. And then somebody once said that the 49th parallel, that’s the border between USA and Canada, is the longest undefended one way mirror in the world. [LAUGHTER] And so we see every twitch of the American elephant and that American elephant rolls over and the Canadian mouse is squashed. So people have to pay attention to the United States because of the huge power that it has, economic, military, informational power especially. Although it’s on a very shaky foundation.
00:20:51:12 So there, I think that is one large generalized answer to why Canadians, Germans, Brits, Spaniards and so on have a different view of this. We have different information sources in addition to CNN and also, they are, they tend to be more diverse. And so in my DVD, which will premier tonight at 8:00, I quote a Canadian columnist, Mark [MARTIN (?)], who, who writes things that you don’t see here very often. Paul Krugman of The New York Times is very good, Bob Herbert and others. But there are more of, of that ilk, questioners, in Canadian journalism than in U.S. journalism by, by a small margin. We’re far, far, far from perfect with the journalism in Canada. After all we’re the land that spawned Conrad Black.

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They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There… [summeroftruth.org]

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Reported Post-9/11 Sightings of Osama
October 22, 2002 09:29 AM
Original Source: Forums at democraticunderground.com
Ewing2001 compiled this Bin Lad-o-Meter:
09/11/2001 Afghanistan, harboured by Taliban (US GOV, various sources)
09/12/2001 “Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban movement said Saudi militant Osama bin Laden, taking shelter in Afghanistan, was not responsible for the terror attacks on the United States. “What happened in the United States was not a job of ordinary people. It could have been the work of governments. Osama bin Laden cannot do this work, neither us,” Taliban spokesman Abdul Hai Mutmaen told Reuters from the southern city of Kandahar.” (Hindustan Times)
09/13/2001 “…the most important thing for us is to find Bin Laden” (G. Bush)
09/28/2001 “…I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act.” (Bin Laden in Ummat, khilafah.com)
10/07/2001 “…Bin Laden has four doubles to confuse western intelligence’ (AFP Dubai)
10/29/2001 border area with Tajikistan (USA TODAY)
11/19/2001 between Kandahar and the Pakistan border nearby Chaman and Spin Balda (TIME)
11/21/2001 between Kabul and Kandahar (Telegraph UK)
11/22/2001 cave complexes in the Sur Ghar mountains east of Kandahar or a second region, in Tora Bora east of Jalalabad (NY POST)
11/22/2001 nearby border of Pakistan (AP)
11/23/2001 probably in Pakistan (India Reacts)
11/26/2001 area of Jalalabad (www.skynet.be)
11/27/2001 in caves of Tora Bora, next to Kandhar and Jalalabad (NBC, Bush warned, it might take “3-10 years” to find him)
11/29/2001 delivered food to the remote cave complex by mule convoy, close to the Khyber Pass and the Pakistan border (Sun UK)
11/29/2001 Tora Bora (Times UK)
12/1/2001 escape routes in the Khyber and Bajur areas, connected to ToraBora (EyeSpy Mag)
12/3/2001 caves of the Hada mountains, south-east of Kandahar, British elite force SAS missed him “by two hours” (Dawn)
12/6/2001 Melova/Tehelka, about 8 km west of Tora Bora (Tehelka.com)
12/7/2001 already in Pakistan, maybe in Somalia, or even in Europe (AIP), no longer in Kandahar (Mullah Omar, afgha.com)
12/7/2001 already left Tora Bora for the Spin Ghar mountain (NY POST)
12/7/2001 on one of 23 vessels on the sea with unknown locations (ABC)
12/8/2001 Osama was seen “yesterday”, “riding back to Melawa after visiting his men on the front lines” (Commander Kalan Mir /Independent UK)
12/9/2001 in a cave fortress in Afghanistan (Al-Jazeera)
12/9/2001 escaped from Tora Bora and is now hiding in the forrest of Sping Ghar mountain (DER SPIEGEL) at Tahenka, some miles from ToraBora
12/13/2001 crossed into Pakistan “10 days ago” (Christian Science Monitor, but PakNews denied)
12/17/2001 officials “overheard bin Laden on handheld radio in the White Mountains” (TIME)
12/17/2001 in the snowy mountains of Tora Bora (Las Vegas News)
12/22/2001 Bin Laden is dead (Pentagon)
12/22/2001 Bin Laden could be dead (Reuters)
12/22/2001 “can be in Tora Bora” (Tommy Franks/Reuters)
12/27/2001 killed in Tora Bora or smuggled out of the country several weeks ago (Officials, EyeSpy Mag)
12/27/2001 alive and under protection by Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam in Pakistan (CNN)
12/27/2001 Pakistan, because of a new tape (MSNBC)
12/28/2001 Pakistan (Gulf-News)
12/28/2001 not in Tora Bora (Gulf-News)
12/28/2001 Peshawar/Pakistan (Myafghan.com)
12/28/2001 near the border with Pakistan (Qari Ahmadullah, the defeated Taliban’s chief of intelligence, Myafghan.com)
12/28/2001 “he is either in Afghanistan or in some other country or dead” (Rumsfeld to scattered laughter, at the Pentagon)
12/28/2001 “He may be dead, he may be in Afghanistan, he may be in lots of places or Pakistan” (Rumsfeld, Baltimore Sun)
12/30/2001 supported by the Pakistani Secret Service ISI and maybe in Pakistan (Yunis Quanuni, Afghan interim minister)
12/31/2001 hiding in the Baghran area of Afghanistan’s Helmand province (CNN)
1/1/2002 Iran (Reuters)
1/1/2002 boarded a boat in the vicinity of Gwader, Pakistan and made his way to eastern Hadhramaut region in Yemen (Wayne Madsen, Cryptome.org)
1/1/2002 boat trip to Arabia (Hadhramautis)
1/2/2002 inside Saudi Arabia (Prof. Nelson Valdés, Counterpunch)
1/4/2002 dressed in a Western suit and shaved, anywhere (ABC)
1/5/2002 Pakistan (Tribune India)
1/5/2002 Salt Lake city, USA (Salt Lake City News)
1/6/2002 Pakistan (MyAfghan.com)
1/6/2002 Tora Bora (US Forces/myafghan.com)
1/15/2002 fled the entire region by sea (ABC)
1/15/2002 has left Afghanistan and Pakistan (Vince Cannistraro/ABC)
1/16/2002 province A, B or C (Rumsfeld, Pentagon)
1/18/2002 CIA reacts angrily to an ABC news report that said they had confirmed Osama bin-Laden had escaped the region by boat (EyeSpy mag)
1/18/2002 Bin Laden is dead, victim of kidney failure (Musharraf/AP)
1/18/2002 declining to elaborate (US Intelligence, AP)
1/20/2002 he could be alive, he could be in Afghanistan, he could be somewhere else…or in Sudan, in Somalia, in Kashmir, in Chechnya, in southern Saudi Arabia, or on the Yemen border (Rumsfeld, Pentagon)
1/20/2002 hiding in Afghanistan (British Foreign Office, The Advertiser UK)
1/26/2002 Bin Laden still alive, escaped from ToraBora (Daily Telegraph)
2/2/2002 managed to escape Afghanistan via a southern coastal town in Iran formerly called Gwatar (EyeSpy Mag)
2/2/2002 left ToraBora (CIA, NY Times)
2/7/2002 CIA-drone missile ‘might’ have killed OBL (CNN)
2/11/2002 killed, CIA started to do DNA test on unidentified man (NY POST)
2/11/2002 still alive (Bob Graham, Richard Shelby, Senate Intelligence Committee , NY POST)
2/11/2002 “Mir Ahmad was a little tall. But he was not Osama bin Laden” (Wash Post, on man killed after being mistaken for ObL)
2/12/2002 “Can’t even verify that we have bin Laden DNA” (ADM. STUFFLEBEEM, Pentagon)
2/12/2002 “It’s impossible to answer the question” (ADM. STUFFLEBEEM, Pentagon)
2/12/2002 Bin Laden is dead (Musharraf/Reporter at Pentagon)
3/4/2002 escaped from Jalalabad (SCANT intelligence, Mercury.au)
3/5/2002 walking across the border into Pakistan, “We saw Osama while standing in front of our guesthouse at 9pm,”says Jalalabad resident Babrak Khan (Christian Science Monitor, Sunday Telegraph)
3/13/2002 “just doesn’t think about the man” (President Bush)
3/19/2002 Bin Laden is alive, doing phone calls (Sheikh Ahmad, Bin Ladens half-brother, CNN)
3/29/2002 unknown internet cafe, sending emails (Times of India)
4/5/2002 “I have no idea…maybe he’s dug in one of those holes (President Bush, AFP)
4/6/2002 “Our goal was never to catch bin Laden” (Gen. Richard Myers on CNN; Novak, Hunt, and Shields)
4/9/2002 Laden narrowly escaped US raid in Pak (Times of India)
4/9/2002 Stayed for three days in Faisalabad and was able to slip out of the town barely a few hours before the FBI conducted a surprise raid (The Nation/Pakistan)
4/9/2002 “he may or may not have”, “some of the nazi war criminals weren’t caught for years… they found them in South America” (on Bin Laden’s email, Rumsfeld/Pentagon)
4/9/2002 Osama not holed up in Faisalabad (PakNews)
4/10/2002 OBL is “alive and well and “eager to work with his brothers” (ANSA Italy/Drudge Report/Al Hayat)
4/17/2002 UBL didn’t escape to Pakistan, but “bin Laden’s right-hand man, Abu Zubayda had been arrested in Pakistan” (PakNews)
4/24/2002 harbored in the slums of Peshawar (Dawn)
4/29/2002 able to escape the clutches of US troops in Afghanistan (Yahoo News)
5/5/2002 near a place called Maidan, a village north of Miram Shah inside Pakistan (Afghan chief of military intelligence in Khowst, Hazrat Uddin, MSNBC)
5/5/2002 Osama bin Laden is alive and recruiting fresh support in Britain and Europe (Dr Rohan Gunaratna, Sky.com, left message on akhbar-alyoum -website, ed: same guy later analysed the dog gassing tapes)
5/7/2002 seen in Pakistan in eastern city of Khost, trimmed his beard (Hazrat Uddin, military intelligence chief , Times of India)
5/17/2002 Bin Laden still alive in neighboring Pakistan (Mullah Omar, myafghan.com)
5/19/2002 alive in March, because seen on new video (AP)
5/22/2002 U.S. military may have captured bin Laden (Todd Clark/Wells Fargo Securities, AP)
6/12/2002 Bin Laden was killed before Sep11th (Stanley Hilton, lawyer)
6/23/2002 Osama bin Laden is to give another televised address to the world on July 4th, probably planning attack on Las Vegas (Sunday Mirror)
6/23/2002 alive and left notes for recorded audiotaped message from Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, tape monitored in Beirut, Lebanon. Meanwhile the al-Tawhid group around jordanian Abu Katadah takes response for attack in Djerba, Tunesia (Al-Jazeera )
6/30/2002 alive as of late December, but may also be buried at Ali Khel (CIA, AlertNet)
7/02/2002 Bin Laden is alive (Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdulla, Reuters)
7/15/2002 wounded in a U.S. bombing raid on Afghanistan in December but in good health. Spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said she was aware of the report “but we don’t have anything to add to it.” (London-based Al-Quds Al-Arab/Pentagon)
7/17/2002 Bin Laden is dead (Dale Watson, resigned from FBIHQ in August 2002)
7/29/2002 hiding in Pakistan, drawing an immediate denial from Islamabad. “Pakistani intelligence — the ISI — know where he is. General Musharraf is the commander in chief of the armed forces and the ISI reports to him.” (India’s defence minister Fernandes, AlertNet) “Indian propaganda” (Pervez Musharraf )
7/30/2002 Bin Laden alive, preparing attack, will appear in a videotape (UPI, Ash Sharq al-Awsat London). Bin Laden’s son will help out soon and “three, four, five, six, seven people who could” too (Rumsfeld)
8/12/2002 fled the rugged Tora Bora region on horseback last December, cut through Pakistan and made his way to another Afghan mountain stronghold (NY POST)
8/18/2002 survived last year’s U.S. bombing, “living in some remote part of the country (Afghanistan) or in a neighboring country” (Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, Reuters)
8/20/2002 “…since bin Laden disappeared late last year he is rarely if ever mentioned by the President or his senior advisers … (he is) killed in an Afghan cave or is still alive and in hiding” (ABC)
8/21/2002 Intelligence sources confirm bin Laden is dead. Osama bin Laden is dead and will be publicly pronounced so by the Bush administration just before the next presidential election in November 2004. “I have it from high level from inside the Bush administration…that bin Laden died of natural causes and that his family has given the body to the CIA.” (Alex Jones, RedFlag)
8/26/2002 new letter by Bin Laden, he “wrote this message a few weeks ago”: “I can tell from my place that these great venerations drawn around the super powers do not equal a mosquito wing.” (islamonline.net/english/news/2002-08/26/article19.shtml)
8/27/2002 selling Bin Laden liquors (Xterror.com)
Editor’s Additions:
8/27/2002 Oliver North: “Bin Laden Dead” (NY Times)
“[North] is convinced that Mr. bin Laden is dead, quite possibly buried beneath the rubble of an American airstrike in Afghanistan. ‘I’m certain that Osama is dead,’ Mr. North said, his certitude on this subject – and so many others –  just about palpable. ‘I’m convinced of it, absolutely. And so are all the other guys I stay in touch with.’
Original URL: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/27/books/27NORT.html
All the other guys he “stays in touch with”? Is North still one of THEM or what? His old buddy and fellow Iran-Contra fall guy, Poindexter, has a new job with the government, so is it a stretch to think that North himself has also returned – to a covert function?
The article is about North’s new novel, set in the 1990s. The protagonist, a North-like character on the White House national security staff, crusades to stop an attack on America by a conspiracy headed by Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. But his main nemesis is a Clinton-like president, who restrains him (and endangers the country) with reckless talk of due process. To the Times, author North admits that he doesn’t actually believe in a Saddam-Osama connection. But what the hell, it makes a good script. The first printing of the book, by a Christian publisher: 300,000 copies. 
10/19/2002 bin Laden reported in Saudi Arabia (www.debka.com)
“DEBKAfile reveals that the long-lost al Qaeda leader, Saudi-born Osama bin Laden, is alive and in Saudi Arabia. He is believed to have landed secretly at the end of September … Two sightings of the elusive terrorist chief have now been reported – both in the wildest, most inhospitable regions of Saudi Arabia, the Rub al Khali, the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula, and Najran on the Yemen frontier.”

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Confronting the Evidence:
Program Outline and Script
Copyright (c) 2004
NOTE (9/21/04): 
The following script was used as the framework for “CONFRONTING THE EVIDENCE,” the 9/11/04 program at the Manhattan Center. The entire production was put together in three weeks from scratch, including guest list, original film clips and promotion. The script went through many versions, as changes were made and guests were added right up until showtime. This meant that talent and crew had to implement the script with just a few hours lead time. 
The script specifies the order in which guests appear and films are played, and provides suggested text for the hosts to use in bridging and introducing the various segments. The bulk of the time during the program was taken up by presenters and panel discussions. The presentations themselves, making up the majority of program content, are NOT included here.  This is NOT a transcript. Various deviations from the script during the actual program are specified in RED. 
Those involved did not just do well under difficult circumstances; they performed brilliantly, and produced a truly historic event. 
– Nicholas Levis and Bryan Sacks
PART TWO (9:51 PM)
FINISH (11:25)
The program is divided into two Parts, with a break. Each Part includes a panel discussion in the middle and at the end (total of four). The second panel discussion in each part includes audience Q&A. 
There are 20 Segments, numbered 1 through 20, and eight film Clips, labeled A through H.
Times specified for each segment include moderation and bridging.
All times specified in the script are ending times!
PART ONE – from 8PM until…
[NOTE: During the last hour before the program, this section was ordered cut by the financer.]
[NOTE: Under a last-minute arrangement, most of this was replaced by a speech on the same subject by Robert Bowman.]
[NOTE: Again, there were no “roamers.”]
9:51 BREAK (20:00)
[NOTE: Film not shown, due to unknown technical problems.]
LES JAMIESEN on New York 9/11 truth activities
Option of JAMES WALTER Introducing Part Two
PART TWO 9:51 until…
10:00 13) CLIP E: COLLAPSE OF WTC 7 (6:00)
[NOTE: No phone link to Forbes, due to unknown technical problems.]
10:39 17) THIRD PANEL DISCUSSION (15:00)
[NOTE: No phone link to Hufschmid, due to unknown technical problems.]
10:47 18) DAVID VON KLEIST (with CLIP G: IN PLANE SITE) (8:00)
[NOTE: Hence chose not to appear. Mr. Christopher Bollyn took his place.]
————————- SCRIPT —————————
People filter in, go to tables, admire ballroom.
Arriving media received and chaperoned to interview opportunities with guests.
PART ONE – from 8 PM until…
Good evening, and welcome to “Confronting the Evidence: September 11th and the Search for Truth.” I’m Ed Begley, and I’ll be your host for this evening’s program. I’d like to ask you please to finish taking your seats, as we shall begin in a moment. I don’t need to tell you that tonight marks the third anniversary of the September 11th events. To begin tonight’s program, we ask you to join us in tribute to the fallen of that day, people from New York and the United States and eighty other nations, and to those who live on.
“A TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN” (Mike Berger, 4:00 mins. film run time)
[Set to music, the clip focuses on the human element, showing disaster and loss; Ground Zero and first response; the missing and the grieving; funeral and memorial ceremonies of different faiths; clean-up and the dogged persistence of the searchers; art, memorialization and differing ways of dealing with the horror; the coming-together of the families; briefly, Sept. 11 family members at the hearings of the Commission that they fought to gain; and a return to the present, looking forward.]
…8:08 p.m. 2) HOSTS: INTRODUCTION (3:00)
(Asks simply for a moment of silence)
(ED and JAMEY take positions. To their left, a set-up for up to 6 panelists at a time.)
Welcome once again. I’d like to introduce you to my co-host this evening, Jamey Hecht. In the next few hours, we shall embark upon a difficult journey, as we ask you to reconsider the horrifying events of September 11th in a new and troubling light. The evidence you will see and hear tonight is dramatic and startling. If this is your first exposure to this evidence, you may feel uncomfortable and challenged to confront your prior assumptions about September 11th. If you have already been exposed to these issues, you may feel relieved that the lingering questions you harbored have also captured the attention of a large group of gifted researchers. Some of them have been questioning the official story of Sept. 11th from the very first days after the attacks.
The questions these researchers have raised have been the subject of countless articles and discussions initiated by citizens in their homes and neighborhoods, and using the medium of the Internet. This alternative discussion, despite being met with a deafening official silence by the commercial media, has nevertheless had an enormous impact on what people think. Just last month, a representative poll commissioned from Zogby International found that about one-half of this city’s residents do not believe that the attacks came by surprise. 41 percent of New York state residents overall believe that authorities in the U.S. government actually knew about the attacks in advance, and consciously failed to take action.
Why does so large a group of people believe such a thing? And why have their questions been ignored? We believe we owe the victims, their surviving family members and all citizens a searching and fearless examination of the events of 9/11, wherever it leads. We know of no way to better honor the fallen. In support of this effort, we humbly request that you draw your own conclusions as we confront the evidence together and aim at a more complete account of the events of 9/11.
The film you saw at the beginning contained many images of first responders at Ground Zero and citizens of New York in the weeks after the disaster. If you are among those to whom it seems impossible that the authorities would actually allow 9/11 to happen for political gain, at such an enormous cost to human life, consider what the authorities knowingly allowed to happen to the residents of this city immediately after September 11th. Let me please introduce Jenna Orkin of the World Trade Center Environmental Organization.
JENNA ORKIN steps up to podium.
(3 MINS.) [She picks up the point as it is given to her, explaining that people could have taken a number of precautions against the health hazards caused by the dust cloud over Manhattan in the weeks after the attacks; except that the White House acted to suppress initial findings of toxicity, and everyone was told instead that the air was safe and there was no need for such precautions. How many more people will have their lives shortened unnecessarily because of these false assurances?]
Thank you Jenna. Why did the authorities give false assurances about the air in Manhattan following Sept. 11, when they surely knew better? Were they acting to limit liability for property owners, or to keep the economy going during the weeks of greatest danger? Regardless of the motive, the example of the poison air – which happened in a painfully obvious fashion – shows us that some authorities have acted with reckless disregard for human life.
What else was left out from the report? Before we study many more such details, it’s time to look at the big picture. What has caused a community of thousands of so-called 9/11 skeptics and researchers to construct an alternative hypothesis of the attacks? What do people imagine as a possible motive for intentionally allowing 9/11 to happen?
(The clip is from the documentary, “Hijacking Catastrophe” – PERMISSION OBTAINED.)
[The segment from “Hijacking Catastrophe: 911, Fear, and the Selling of the American Empire” describes the rise of the defense doctrine of total spectrum dominance under the first Bush administration, followed by the creation of the “Project for a New American Century” in the late 1990s. The members of PNAC include the major players in the Bush administration’s drive for war: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al. Published in the year 2000, their manifesto, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” admits the costly and dangerous transformation they desire will not gain support from the public without a “New Pearl Harbor
.” A year later, we see the “New Pearl Harbor” arrive, on Sept. 11th: the two crashes into the towers, the two tower collapses, the Pentagon strike. Very dramatic footage reviews the key disasters of Sept. 11. To complete the sequence of events on Sept. 11, we added additional footage from the little-known collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.]
The film segment you just saw is about four minutes from “Hijacking Catastrophe,” a documentary produced by the Media Education Foundation. You can find out more information about it at www.hijackingcatastrophe.org, and you can purchase the DVD at the rear. So delicate are the questions surrounding 9/11 that even a documentary as powerful and well-done as “Hijacking Catastrophe” does not actually address the official story of Sept. 11, or investigate the background of the attacks. But it does present a view of the big picture, within which the questions become logical. We made one addition to the catastrophic images at the end of the clip, because we noticed the film had left out the last disaster of the day: the collapse of a third skyscraper at the World Trade Center site, Building 7. More on that later.
(introduces panel): Kristina Borjesson is the author of Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press. She won an Emmy and a Murrow Award for her investigative reporting. Christopher Scheer is a staff writer for Alternet. He is co-author of The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq. Paul Thompson has compiled the world’s most compendious resource of mainstream press stories about the events of Sept. 11, “The Complete 9/11 Timeline,” at www.cooperativeresearch.org. Thompson’s work has been widely praised, not only among those who question the official story, but also in mainstream press reviews. His work has just been published in book form by Harper-Collins as The Terror Timeline. Finally, Dr. Robert Bowman, a man who flew 101 combat missions as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, and who today takes a stand against war. He directed all of the government’s “starwars” programs under Ford and Carter, and opposed them under Reagaon. He now heads the Institute for Space and Security Studies. Welcome everyone.
LAST QUESTION IS TO PAUL THOMPSON, HE WRAPS UP: What about 9/11? Why is anyone doubting it? Weren’t all the real questions cleared up by the 9/11 Commission?
9/11 changed the world, so we are told. It became the reason to go to war, to pass new laws limiting our civil liberties, to change the way we live in so many ways. Shouldn’t we want to know everything about this event? We’ve already discovered one grave failure of the official investigation linked to a clear attempt to mislead the public. We asked David Ray Griffin, theologian and author of The New Pearl Harbor, to analyze the 9/11 Commission Report as a whole. He argues that the Commission was set up to shield key government figures and agencies from a full investigation.
[Griffin dismantles the report for its omissions in a witty and devastating fashion, pointing the most outrageous conflicts of interest among the Commission and its staff, for example the well-suppressed fact that Philip Zelikow, executive director of the commission, who controlled its agenda and access to White House documents, has been a close associate of Condoleeza Rice since the late 1980s and co-wrote a 1999 book with her. We have added images to depict much of what he says. His last sentence directly speaks of: OMISSIONS.]
…9:00 8) PAUL THOMPSON: PAKISTAN CONNECTION / Powerpoint (10:00)
And what a number of omission there are! In fact, more than we have time for. But we’re about to look at a few of the big ones. (Holds up the 9/11 Commission Report) You may recognize this as the 9/11 Commission Report. I’m going to read you perhaps its most astonishing confession. On Page 172: (READS) “The U.S. government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.” Isn’t that interesting? Doesn’t it matter who paid for 9/11?
I think we have discovered Rule One of the 9/11 Commission: Don’t Follow the Money.
Same page (READS) “Similarly, we have seen no evidence that any foreign government – or foreign government official – supplied any funding.” I’m going to ask Paul Thompson, the author of the Terror Timeline — (holds it up so that we can see it’s at least as thick as the Commission Report) — to show us the open-source evidence that there was at least one foreign government, in fact a close ally, that allegedly provided funds for the hijackers. Furthermore, he’s going to also tell us about a guest from that country who was having breakfast with Congressman Porter Goss, the President’s choice to head the CIA, on the morning of Sept. 11th.
PAUL THOMPSON steps up to the podium and does an 8-minute powerpoint:
[He begins with a troubling disclosure shortly after 9/11, involving the Director of the Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) as of 9/11/01, Mahmood Ahmed. Historically, the ISI is closely linked to the CIA. Ahmed was in Washington before, during and after 9/11/01. He met with high-ranking members of the CIA, the Armed Services Committee and the National Security Council. But in the weeks following 9/11, information emerged linking him directly to the funding of the alleged hijackers, though we heard not a word of this from the 9/11 Commission. Did the ISI develop the 9/11 plot? Did it act as the contractor of U.S. intelligence services? On the morning of 9/11/01, Ahmed was having breakfast with Porter Goss and Sen. Bob Graham. They later ran the Congressional investigation, but somehow missed mentioning the close relationship between ISI and the Bin Laden network. Of course, Goss now runs the CIA and has never had to explain what, if anything, he knew about the ISI connections to terror financing. The evolution of this story in the press is a story in itself, and stands as an excellent example of the ability of the press to dampen the exposure of potentially explosive information by removing relevant context in their presentation of it.]
(After presentation: THOMPSON EXITS.)
As troubling as the omission of the Pakistani connection may be, people might at least say, it involves another country. Who knows what happened there? But what about the 9/11 Commission report’s omission of evidence of high-level obstruction of FBI field investigations within the United States – investigations that could have located the alleged hijackers? The evidence of coordinated obstruction is particularly troubling. Take a look.
RUN CLIP D (about 4 mins.) [Points covered in the clip:
1) The FBI Minneapolis field office in Aug. 2001 was investigating the just-arrested Zacarias Mossaoui, later alleged to have been “the 20th hijacker.” Its investigation was blocked so vigorously from the top that the agents joked Bin Laden had a mole at the FBI. This was revealed by whistleblower Coleen Rowley. 2) Ken Williams, Phoenix FBI office, sent famous July 2001 memo suggesting FBI keep tabs on suspicious flight-school students. Suppressed. 3) Robert Wright, Chicago field office, investigating suspected terrorist cell for three years, had his case closed in January 2001. Later wrote 500-page manuscript about how he was obstructed and might have uncovered the alleged hijackers. Three years later, the FBI is still keeping the book under a publication stop. 4) Was this related to the 199i order of January 2001? The incoming Bush administration forced a well-documented stop on investigations into Saudi financing of terror and connections to the Bin Laden family, which is closely connected to the Bush family. 5) Sibel Edmonds, FBI translator, after 9/11 uncovered evidence of internal corruption and criminal conspiracy to cover up advance information about 9/11. Placed under a gag order, she is finding ways to courageously push the envelope. She has joined with the 9/11 truth movement.  6) Did “Bin Laden” have a mole? It turns out that almost all of these investigations were blocked by the same high-level FBI office, the radical fundamentalist unit including officials Frasca, Maltbie and Bowman. What was their motivation?]
Of the several FBI employees who came forward with such allegations before and after 9/11, “The 9/11 Commission Report” fails to mention anything at all about Robert Wright. Sibel Edmonds and Coleen Rowley are each mentioned just once – in footnotes that reveal nothing about what they said. Also unmentioned in the report are David Frasca, Marion Bowman and Michael Maltbie, the officials who should rightly have to answer why these investigations were apparently blocked.
[NOTE: By arrangement in advance of the program, most of the following was cut and covered instead in a speech by Dr. Robert Bowman.]
We’ve looked at the big picture. We’ve looked at what came before 9/11. For the rest of this evening, we shall examine the day of 9/11 itself. In recent weeks, a lot of people have been looking at where the President was on that day. We all know now, thanks to Fahrenheit 9/11, that George W. Bush spent at least 7 minutes after hearing about the second plane crash listening to children read about a Pet Goat. Some people call this an individual failure of nerve. But in reality, there is much more that needs to be explained. The visit to the Florida school began soon after the first attack. After the second attack, the president and his entourage of Secret Service and staff did not react and in fact did not leave the school for almost half an hour. What was going on? And what was the President’s real response to the attacks on that day?
In his office at the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld received word as each plane hit the Twin Towers, but apparently continued his scheduled lecture to a Congressional delegation on the subject of national preparedness against surprise attacks. After the opposite side of the Pentagon was hit (at 9:37 a.m. according to the 9/11 Commission Report), he disappeared for 30 minutes while his generals tried to locate him and bring him to the war room. Richard Myers, the acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sept. 11, says he thought the first crash was an accident. He went ahead with a meeting at the offices of Sen. Max Cleland, with whom he discussed the subject of national preparedness. Myers heard about the second crash (which happened at 9:03 a.m.) on leaving the meeting. Moments later, he was told the Pentagon had been hit.
General Winfield, the next man in the chain of command, heads the National Military Command Center. He decided suddenly the day before Sept. 11th to take off two hours starting at 8:30 a.m. These were the two hours of the attacks. When one key commander goes missing, we call it a mistake. When the top four people in the chain of command are missing while America is under attack, does it constitute a pattern?
The U.S. air defense system failed to follow standard procedures for intercepting errant planes, such as were executed routinely in years past. Interception orders for errant planes were issued on 67 occasions in the year prior to June 1, 2001. Yet on Sept. 11th, four planes went off course during a period of nearly two hours and none of them were intercepted for surveillance purposes. Since then, the agencies involved have issued a long series of conflicting timelines and statements. The North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, and the Federal Aviation Administration published dramatically different accounts. A new chronology is provided in The 9/11 Commission Report. That was accepted by NORAD and the FAA. But accepting that means that officials of NORAD and FAA disseminated false accounts of air defense response repeatedly in the two years prior to the publication of the Commission report.
The report contains no suggestion that officials in government should be held accountable for this. Why not? In reality, the commander of NORAD on the day, General Eberhart, was promoted. His superior, General Myers, was confirmed as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Recall that the FBI officials who stopped the Minneapolis investigation just prior to 9/11 were also promoted or given citations, the following year.
John Prados is a journalist and author, most recently of Hoodwinked: The Documents That Reveal How Bush Sold Us a War. His work appears regularly in one of the nation’s great old journals on military affairs, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist.
Karl Schwarz is a principal in Global Axxess and a former high-level consultant to the Republican Party. Arkansas Republicans once asked him to run for governor against Bill Clinton. More recently, he has been researching the background reasons for the removal of the Taliban.
LAST QUESTION IS TO ROBERT BOWMAN, HE WRAPS UP: What in your view is the significance of the military response on Sept. 11th?
…9:51 BREAK (20:00)
(Introduces break, notes that there will be announcements and an excerpt from a film of Craig Hill speaking during the 20 minutes. “We are starting again at 9:50.” Possibilities for speakers during break include Les Jamiesen, on getting involved in 9/11 Truth activities).
PART TWO – from 9:51 until…
Ladies and gentlemen, given all that you heard in the first half – the powerful case for doubting the official story – many skeptics and researchers have not stopped simply at asking the questions, or at begging for disclosure from an unresponsive government. Many have struggled instead to examine the physical evidence in creating a better explanation for a number of grave anomalies.
The different ideas that have come up in the process are often the source of controversy among the skeptics themselves. I won’t tease you, or pretend that many of you have not already heard these ideas, or considered them yourselves. I’ll just list a couple that have garnered the most attention among skeptics, both pro and con.
The theories have included the idea that the the crash of the fourth flight, Flight 93, was not caused by a struggle on board, but by a missile that shot the flight down. Or that the airplanes were actually flown by remote guidance systems. After all, that technology certainly exists, and just last month was proposed as a possible option for taking over hijacked planes from the ground and guiding them to a safe landing by remote control. One presenter coming up, an engineer, will argue that the Towers themselves did not collapse due to plane crashes or fire damage, but were demolished by explosives.
Many have suggested that the pattern of damage to the Pentagon could not have possibly been caused by a commercial, jumbo-size airliner.
Given all the reasons to doubt the official story, we are not going to dismiss anything out of hand. We ask you to judge for yourselves, and remind you that should any one of these claims prove true, the official story no longer stands. If any one of these hypotheses should prove false, it still does not tell us whether the others are true or false.
…10:00 13) CLIP E: COLLAPSE OF WTC 7 (6:00)
We’re going to start with what probably the largest number of people think is the most obvious smoking gun. At least, it is among those who are even aware of it. Remember the Zogby poll we mentioned earlier? It also asked a question about the third skyscraper that fell late on the afternoon of September 11th. Raise your hand if you know the number of this building. (Audience raises hands). (IMPROVISE BASED ON RESPONSE, e.g. “Good. We did give it away earlier.”) The poll of New York State found that only 21 percent of residents were aware of the mysterious collapse of the third skyscraper. Remember, it was not hit by a plane. So what happened to 7 World Trade Center? Have a look for yourselves.
RUN CLIP E: WTC 7 (5:00). 
The following clip has lit the Internet on fire. This collection of images represents the case that the explosion at the Pentagon may not have been caused by an airliner.
JAMEY: Of all of the terrifying images on September 11, the collapsing Twin Towers were among the most horrific. A shocked nation saw the two largest structures in the New York City skyline dramatically crumble before its eyes. Given the vast scale and unprecedented nature of the horrific spectacle, and lacking any information to the contrary, viewers could only assume that the fiery crashes of Flights 11 and 175 were the sole causes of the towers subsequent collapses.
But since then, serious questions have been raised about the official explanations of the collapses. The following analysis, by research scientist Jeff King, summarizes some of the concerns. Jeff King.
JEFF KING: (Power-point presentation of about 10 minutes.) 
[This was cut due to a technical failure. King instead delivered a stand-up speech.]
[CUT – Phone link failed.]
ED: I’m on the line with Scott Forbes. He is an employee of Fiduciary Trust, a company that had offices in the World Trade Center for nearly 30 years. On the day of 9/11, Forbes was at home waiting for a cable repairman and witnessed the attacks from his apartment in Jersey City. Later he recalled unusual events at the Towers that he had noticed during the preceding weekend. Scott Forbes?
…10:39 17) THIRD PANEL DISCUSSION (15:00)
Webster Tarpley has come in today from Washington. He is the author of George Bush, the unauthorized biography (the father, that is). He authored a new book that will be released in October called 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism Myth of the Twenty-first Century. Tom Gordon is a member of the 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance. Joining us again are Paul Thompson and John Prados. On the phone, Eric Hufschmid, software engineer and author of Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attacks.
ED with STARTER QUESTION TO WEBSTER TARPLEY: Webster, I bet some people in our audience feel like they’ve fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. What sense can we make of all this? How does it fit into the big picture?
Paul, some among those who reject the official story still are unconvinced by the physical evidence arguments. As one who has stuck to the political side and circumstantial evidence, do the physical evidence questions matter?
…10:47 18) DAVID VON KLEIST (with CLIP G: IN PLANE SITE) (8:00)
ED: David von Kleist is the host of the popular radio program, The Power Hour. He is the maker of the best-selling new film on DVD, “9/11: In Plane Site.”
DAVID: (Takes over and asks for the clip to be run at his cue.)
JAMEY: Is all this really possible? Can a government really do such things to its own people? Our next guest will discuss that… Barrie Zwicker is the maker of the film, The Great Conspiracy, which had its world premiere Thursday evening at the 9/11 Citizens’ Commission Hearings chaired by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney here in New york City, who is in the race to take back her seat in November. Barrie was the chairman of the International Citizens’ Inquiry into 9/11, Phase Two, held in Toronto last May.
BARRIE: [Does a presentation on precedents for provoking wars and false flag terror, MKULTRA, governments eating their own, etc. Based loosely on his earlier presentation at the “9/11 Omissions Hearings” chaired by Cynthia McKinney, sponsored by 911Truth.org and 9/11 Citizens Watch, and held on 9/9/04 at the Symphony Space Theater in New York.]
ED: Kyle Hence is the co-founder of 9/11 Citizens’ Watch, a watchdog group that has followed the 9/11 investigations very closely. Craig Hill is a Democratic candidate for Senate in the state of Vermont who is running on a 9/11 truth platform. They now join us for our final panel with Paul Thompson and Webster Tarpley. [Instead: Christopher Bollyn.]
STARTER QUESTION: Webster, no doubt many in our audience are hearing about all this for the first time. Why haven’t they heard any of these things before?
FINAL QUESTION, WRAP UP TO PAUL THOMPSON: Paul, what’s going to happen next? Do you think the 9/11 investigation will be reopened? [Unclear to the authors if Thompson was still present at this point.]
ED: Now that we’ve reached the end, take a moment to reflect on what you have seen, and ask yourself, “Why haven’t I seen this sort of evidence before? Is it because all of these researchers deserve to be marginalized? Are their claims deserving of the silence they’ve been met with in the mainstream press?”
We think they’ve remained beyond sight by virtue of the same principle of selection that David Ray Griffin identified earlier this evening, when he spoke of the 9/11 Commission’s refusal to consider evidence that did not fit its guiding assumptions. But in this case, the principle of selection is operating in the major media. The media has deemed that any suggestion that members of our government had actionable foreknowledge of 9/11, and consciously failed to act, simply cannot be considered. This is the obstacle to a wider dissemination of their work, and our nation suffers from it every day as a result.
JAMEY: This principle of selection has buried many explosive stories: The Pakistani connection to the financing of the 9/11 plot. The disgraceful use of military force to seize energy resources. This same principle keeps horrific images of Iraqi civilians and children out of American newspapers and off of American television sets. It is this principle of selection that relegates the “ugly” aspects of the war, the pictures of the dead, to documentaries like Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, without which millions of Americans would never have seen such footage.
ED: This principle of selection also keeps the deadly effects of corporate misconduct from public scrutiny. The public airwaves are controlled by corporations that are not in the business of incriminating themselves.
This principle of selection operating in the commercial media has many facets, but at its center is the strongly held, but misguided assumption that the American government has only good intentions; it may act unwisely, or incompetently, but it is beyond the realm of possibility that some of its members can act criminally, particularly against its own citizens. As we hope has been demonstrated this evening, this myth of American exceptionalism must be seen for what it is – a myth. Challenging this fiction is priority one if we are to find the way to a saner, more sustainable way of life.
JAMEY: Returning to the enormous crime scene of 9/11, we suggest that all explanations for which there is strong evidence be considered. Along with this, it must be considered that people within this nation’s power structure had the means to facilitate and stood to benefit from the attacks. The official silence about this is deafening.
To break this official silence, it is up to every one of us to demand that a new investigation into 9/11 be opened, one completely independent of influence from the Bush Administration. Along with 66 percent of New Yorkers, as the Zogby poll found, we call on all investigative bodies, especially the Congress and the New York State Attorney General’s office, to reopen the case of Sept 11 – and to take seriously evidence of a wider circle of complicity.
Having said all of that, it’s also important to remember that within the community of 9/11 investigators, there is much disagreement about how the official story fails to capture the truth, and you’ve witnessed some of that disagreement this evening. That’s a good sign; healthy debate and peer review is needed to produce the strongest findings. Yet we believe that the failure of both the mainstream media and the 9/11 Commission to fully investigate this crime is beyond dispute.

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Working for the Enemy – Ford, General Motors & Forced Labor in Germany during the Second World War

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Almost anyone in Europe or North America who has ever held a steering wheel or a television remote control can name two U.S. carmakers, market leaders on both continents, and their German subsidiaries. General Motors, the largest corporation on earth, has been the owner since 1929 of Adam Opel AG, Russelsheim, the maker of Opel cars. Ford Motor Company, founded by Henry Ford in 1903, is currently the world’s third largest corporation by revenues. In 1931, Ford Motor built the Ford-Werke AG factory in Cologne. Ford Werke still thrives today as the headquarters of European Ford.
In “Working for the Enemy,” historians tell the astonishing story of what happened at Opel and Ford Werke under the Third Reich, and of the aftermath to the present day. The book also serves as a general introduction to the topic of forced labor in Germany during the Second World War and covers the more recent legal controversies concerning restitutions to the victims of Nazi-era forced labor. The longest section consists of interwoven interviews with people who were kept as  forced laborers at Ford Werke’s company-owned labor camp in Cologne during the Second World War.
Three historians who have published previous German-language works on these subjects – Reinhold Billstein, Karola Fings and Anita Kugler – collaborated with American writer Nicholas Levis in creating complete and updated versions of their findings for an English-speaking audience. The team engaged in new research and collected dozens of photos and other materials that appear the book.
“Working for the Enemy” will be of interest to everyone concerned with the history of the war, or with the continuing power and influence of large multinational corporations in international politics. For the general reader, the Introduction and Prologue provide complete and vivid introductions to the context of Nazi Germany, its prewar motorization policy, and its forced labor programs during the Second World War.
With three 10-page photo essays, a complete glossary, an annotated list of abbreviations, biographical inserts and an index, “Working for the Enemy” stands alone and is accessible as a work of both German and American history.
Topics covered include:
Ford, General Motors and the Nazi Regime
Long before the Second World War, key American executives at Ford and General Motors were eager to do business with Nazi Germany. Ford Werke and Opel became indispensable suppliers to the German armed forces, together providing most of the trucks that later motorized the Nazi attempt to conquer Europe.
After 1933 Ford Werke’s and Opel’s German factory personnel were organized in the same repressive social system imposed by law at German workplaces in general. In the early years of the Nazi regime, the two companies profited enormously from the German motorization program and invested heavily in accommodating the Third Reich’s rearmament strategy. They assisted in transfers of technology and especially production expertise that proved invaluable to the burgeoning war machine. Both companies entered into barter arrangements to import precious rubber to Germany. GM built a military truck factory in Brandenburg, after an explicit request from the German armed forces. All this occurred under the aegis of American managers in Dearborn and Detroit. 
At the outbreak of war in 1939, Opel converted its largest factory to warplane engine production. Both companies set up extensive maintenance and repair networks to help keep the war machine on wheels. The two companies played leading roles in repairing and maintaining the far-flung vehicle fleets of the Deutsche Wehrmacht.
During the first two years of the war, General Motors and Ford executives from the United States negotiated with the Nazi leadership the terms under which their German factories were converted to wartime functions. Their highest priority at all times was to maintain and achieve growth in production and revenues. 
James Mooney, the leading GM executive in Europe, met with Hitler, Göring, Roosevelt and British diplomats in the months from October 1939 to March 1940, in the hope of mediating a peace that would have been favorable to Nazi Germany. The book exposes the course of these negotiations using Mooney’s own unpublished memoirs and.  
Mooney was a recipient of the Order of the Golden Eagle, the highest Nazi honor for foreigners. He shared that distinction with Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company. Ford’s anti-Semitic writings, compiled in The International Jew (1921), had been translated into many languages at his own expense, and served as an inspiration to Hitler’s Mein Kampf (1924). 
Contemporary rumor held that prior to 1933, Ford bestowed a large cash sum to Hitler every year as a present for the future Führer’s birthday. Alongside a number of major German corporations, Ford was accused of helping to finance the rise of the Nazis. When Germany needed immediate supplies of trucks prior to the 1938 invasion of Czechoslovakia, Ford obliged by shipping trucks from the United States and assembling them in a crash program. 
Opel’s Brandenburg factory made the aptly named Opel Blitz, which was considered the best of the German army’s 3-ton trucks. Along with the similar Ford trucks, it proved indispensable to the Blitzkrieg that conquered most of Europe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the gates of Moscow, in the years from 1939-42. Even as German Ford produced for the Wehrmacht’s offensives and took over the reins at Ford subsidiaries in German-occupied countries, Henry Ford cited his avowed pacifism in refusing overtures to produce for Britain’s military effort.
To cover the wartime labor shortage, hundreds of prisoners of war were held at private labor camps built by Ford Werke and Opel starting in the late summer and fall of 1940. During the next five years, both companies made use of several thousand foreign civilian detainees and prisoners of war as forced laborers in and around their plants.
Production became the highest homefront priority. German Ford Werke and Opel executives were integrated into the top levels of the Third Reich’s wartime production planning. They and their fellow corporate managers took on an increasingly important role at the Reich Armaments Ministry under the aegis of Albert Speer. In the end, their priorities as technical masters prevailed over those of the ideological Nazi leadership as the Reich exhausted every last resource in total war. 
Communications and supply lines between the German subsidiaries and the U.S. mother corporations were kept up until the outbreak of war between the United States and Germany in December 1941. The book presents ample evidence of subsequent communications. Even after the United States entered the war, the priority at both mother companies was to preserve their highly productive and profitable German subsidiaries. The same Americans who had run Opel during the war advised the targeted bombing of the Opel factory, for which General Motors was amply compensated by U.S. taxpayers. Although Cologne was flattened, Ford Werke was never hit. German-made Ford and GM vehicles met American-made Ford and GM vehicles in battle, and the companies earned handsomely on both sides. 
Within a few years after the war, during the period of Allied occupation, the same German managers who oversaw the wartime feats of production – and managed the forced-laborer corps at the factories – returned to the upper echelons of the top German corporations, including Ford Werke and Opel.  
In the absence of millions of German men who had been sent to the front, forced labor became a necessity for German war production and agriculture.
As of August 1944, the high point of Nazi forced-labor programs, 8 million foreigners were in use as forced laborers within the borders of the Reich. The largest groups consisted of civilians rounded up from the occupied territories of the Soviet Union (mostly young women) and Poland as well as in the West, POWs from France, Poland, the Soviet Union and Italy, and Jewish and other laborers provided by the SS concentration camps in “work-to-death” programs.
In the longest section of the book, nine people who were forced to work at Ford Werke – five women and four men from Russia, Poland, Belgium and Italy – recall their wartime experiences in oral testimonies. A tenth interviews is with a man from Cologne who started out as a young apprentice at the Ford factory, just as the foreign forced laborers began to arrive, and who took up resistance against the regime. The interviews are interwoven in chronological order. We follow each person from childhood to the beginning of the war and occupation, and learn of their effective abduction by the Nazis, endless rides in overcrowded cattle cars, sale as laborers to the highest bidder, 12-hour factory days and repressions of camp life, escape attempts and punishments, contacts to the German people, hunger and endless bombings, and, finally, liberation and the return to their shattered homes – in the case of the Eastern Europeans, to the Stalinist regime and sometimes further repressions. 
What emerges is an encapsulated history of the European war itself, viewed from the ground by those caught in its cruelty and insanity. 
The interviews were conducted by the NS-Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Köln, the city of Cologne’s research center and museum of Nazi-era history. The center organizes an annual program of return visits for former forced laborers, concentration camp prisoners, and prisoners of war, which is also described in the book.
The benefit of forced labor to companies like Ford and Opel who maximized their use of it was great, especially in preserving and growing operations that bestowed a great competitive advantage after the war. In exchange, the former laborers got nothing but misery. For more than fifty years, legal and political obstacles frustrated efforts to gain compensation for Nazi-era forced labor. The final section of the book reviews that history, from 1945 to 2000.
The situation changed in recent years as former forced laborers and their lawyers began to take action against German corporations in U.S. courts. The first U.S. lawsuit seeking compensation for Nazi-era forced labor in Germany was filed against Ford Motor Company and Ford Werke AG in March 1998. General Motors and its subsidiary Adam Opel AG were also sued in a wave of litigation that hit nearly every major German corporation, from Volkswagen and Daimler-Benz (now DaimlerChrysler) to Siemens and Bosch. At the same time, hundreds of related suits swept through the German labor courts.
The book’s conclusion reviews the subsequent, immensely complex negotiations towards a settlement – which involved Germany, the United States, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Israel and other countries, as well as representatives of forced labor associations and the German corporations themselves. In December 1999 the United States and Germany reached an agreement under which 10 billion marks were paid in compensations to individual victims of Nazi-era forced labor – five billion from the German government, five billion from German corporations including Adam Opel and Ford Werke. Individual payments ranged from DM5,000 for victims of forced labor to DM15,000 for the victims of “extermination through labor.” Since the compensation payments were written off as expenses, about three-quarters of the total sum was covered not by the companies who had benefited from the use of forced labor by the German taxpayers
Reinhold Billstein is a historian of industry and urban life and heads the International Office at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. Karola Fings is a historian and has participated in organizing the City of Cologne’s visitors program for former forced laborers since its inception in 1989. Anita Kugler is a well-known journalist with die tageszeitung in Berlin and a historian of the automotive industry. Nicholas Levis is a writer specializing in international political issues.
1 Airplanes for the Führer.
Adam Opel AG as Enemy Property, Model War Operation
and General Motors Subsidiary, 1939-1945.
2 1945. How the Americans Took Over Cologne —
And Discovered Ford Werke’s Role in the War.
3 Walter Rietig and the Effort of Remembrance.
5 “And they took the 38 of us to Ford”
Interviews with the former forced laborers Kamila Felinska,
Inna Kulagina, Elsa Iwanowa-de Meyer, Anna Nesteruk &
Nadia Schubrawa, Stepan Saika, Kazimierz Tarnawski,
Yvon Thibaut, Mareno Mannucci, and the retired German
Ford employee Fritz Theilen.
As told to researchers at the NS Documents Center of the City of Cologne.
6 Memory and Liability
“Organization of the Forced Labor System at War Operations” (Organizational Map)
Photo Set C. “Returning to Cologne”(Photos C1-C16)
Table 1. Foreign Laborers from Selected Countries, August 1944
Table 2. Foreign Labor in Selected Sectors, August 1944
Table 3. Ford-Werke AG in Facts and Figures, 1932-1945
Table 4. German Restitution and Reparation Payments after 1952
Table 5. Company Restitution and Other Payments, 1945-1998
Excerpt from Introduction
For readers who lack specialized knowledge of Nazi Germany, the Prologue introduces the pre-war history of the regime, including matters not directly related to Ford or General Motors, providing an adequate context for the rest of the book.
In Chapter 1, Anita Kugler explores the paradox of Opel and General Motors in the war years 1939 to 1945, within the larger context of the rise and fall of the Reich War Economy and its forced labor programs. To loyal Nazis, Opel was “enemy property” under an alleged “Jewish influence,” a threat requiring containment. To the Reich’s military production planners, it was a “Model War Operation,” the designation Hitler bestowed officially in 1943. Among its German executives and their state and party contacts, Opel was a labyrinth of petty power struggles. To its German workers, whether they liked it or not, and to its foreign forced laborers, it was a “company community” under the “Führer principle,” a miniature regime of terror and force. To General Motors, it was an investment in need of protection. Perhaps the most surprising revelations in Chapter 1 concern the actions of the American GM managers in Germany during the early months of the war, and up to the spring of 1941, when the last of them cleared out of Russelsheim. This was well in advance of the German declaration of war on the United States, on 11 December 1941, but there is strong evidence of subsequent contact between General Motors in the U.S. and Opel in Russelsheim.
In Chapter 2, Reinhold Billstein uses recently revealed U.S. government documents and other sources to reconstruct in detail Ford Motor Company’s dealings with Nazi Germany, and Ford Werke’s web of operations across Nazi-occupied Europe during the war. That story is viewed through the lens of the American capture of Cologne in March 1945. Billstein evokes the U.S. 1st Army’s march to the Rhine and the hundred days of American rule in Cologne, before the city was passed to British control. He describes the Allied efforts to rescue and return millions of liberated forced laborers to their home countries.
During this period, a group of U.S. investigators confiscated hundreds of Ford Werke documents and compelled Ford’s German executives to write statements on their wartime activities. These served as exhibits in a secret September 1945 U.S. government “Report on Ford Werke Aktiengesellschaft.” The men who evaluated that report were split in the larger, fateful debate over the future of Germany itself, and over the postwar international economic order. Passions ran high. There was universal revulsion at the revelation of Nazi crimes. But in 1945 the American policy makers were also distressed by the immediate problem, with winter coming, of how to handle the ruined German society. Some of the key economic decision makers in the U.S. military government at that time were General Motors executives who had, until 1941, served as directors at Opel. In the end, many conflicting interests were at work in the decision not to publicize the U.S. government’s “Report on Ford Werke Aktiengesllschaft,” let alone to act upon its critical findings on Ford Motor Company and Ford Werke.
Taken together, the first two chapters present the wartime histories of Opel and Ford Werke in the tradition of classical historical scholarship. Although the events on the ground are described in detail, they are viewed largely through the perspectives and choices of leading political and economic decision makers.
We then turn to the same story viewed from the perspective of the forced laborers and other individuals trapped within the Nazi machinery of terror. The second part of this book is an in-depth scholarly and oral history of forced labor at Ford Werke in Cologne. As a transition, Chapter 3 presents a tribute, by the writer and Russelsheim town historian Bernd Heyl, to Walter Rietig, an Opel worker who was executed as a resistance organizer by the Nazis in 1942. Rietig kept up contacts between the German resistance and the French prisoners of war at Opel in Russelsheim.
In Chapter 4, Karola Fings uses interviews and documents to piece together a vivid portrait of life at Ford Werke’s wartime labor camps for foreign civilian forced laborers, prisoners of war, and concentration camp prisoners. She examines the company’s decisions with regard to forced labor, and the consequences faced (or avoided) after the war by some of the executives responsible for those decisions.
In Chapter 5, ten people who worked as forced laborers or apprentices at Ford Werke in the years 1942 to 1945 relate, in their own words, their memories of the war and its aftermath. Their stories are a monument to perseverance under conditions that many present-day readers of this book may find hard to imagine.
One of the interviews was held in Cologne in 1995 with Elsa Iwanowa, formerly a Soviet citizen. Today she lives in Belgium. She was the first plaintiff in the March 1998 lawsuit Iwanowa vs. Ford, still in appeal as of March 2000. Filed with the U.S. federal court in Newark, New Jersey, this was the first U.S. class action by a former Nazi-era forced laborer against a company accused of profiting from the practice. As a result, the 1945 U.S. “Report on Ford-Werke Aktiengesellschaft” and its 221 exhibits were finally declassified in November 1998, after fifty-three years.
Iwanowa vs. Ford became the first of many U.S. court cases against dozens of large German industrial corporations. Claims were also raised against Opel and General Motors. At the same time, a renewed wave of labor compensation cases swept through the German courts. In the chain of events that followed, restitutions for Nazi-era forced labor turned into the subject of immensely complex international negotiations between Germany, the United States, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Czech Republic, various other European countries and Israel, a group of large German corporations and their lawyers, the lawyers of the plaintiffs, victims’ associations in the various countries, and Jewish victims’ claims groups…
For those among our readers who are not historians, I shall now outline, in general facts and statistics, the current consensus among historians concerning the Nazi-era forced labor programs known as “Reichseinsatz.” 
The subject raises inevitable questions about what made such a regime possible in the first place, and about the present-day ramifications of the Second World War…
Hardcover, 350 pages, 59 illustrations, select bibliography, index.
Published by Berghahn Books, New York and Oxford.
English versions (c) 2000 by Nicholas Levis. 
Mail your comments to newyorkcity@snafu.de 
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