Essential Outdoor Survival Gear

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Survival in any situation can often be a challenge. But surviving outdoors in adverse situations requires planning ahead, a fair amount of knowledge, as well as survival equipment including food and water supplies. Being prepared for any situation, which may arise within a wild, secluded area is often the key for surviving without too many unforeseen situations. Backpacks and fanny packs are essential as these enable the carrying of supplies required for outdoor survival. It can be a long lonely time, for many surviving outdoors. Some experienced survivalists suggest carrying a pack of playing cards, writing materials and reading devices or a paperback book. These are not essential, but can help pass away time if stuck in one place. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

Outdoor survival gear essentials include a map and compass. Having some knowledge of a surrounding area can assist in finding adequate shelter, water, and safety. A compass used alongside a map will lead to a destination on the map. First aid kits are a must. When outdoors, especially if stranded in woods, accidents no matter how minor can occur. Simple items such as band aids, antibacterial ointments, and painkillers can all aid with minor cuts, scrapes, aches and pains.

Having suitable clothing can make all the difference. Warm clothing such as an insulated coat, hat, socks, thermal and clean underwear can aid in keeping warm during a cold night or in adverse weather situations. Other essentials in keeping warm come in the form of sleeping bags or space blankets and small fires. Cooking supplies in order to cook and heat food or water. Matches, waterproof are best or lighters, essentially these are used for lighting fires and stoves. In some areas, fish and other small animals are caught as a food source, although it is still advisable to carry canned foods along with energy snacks. A good source of energy and easily stored is a beef jerky. Water containers, water purification tablets are recommended if water supply is from a stream or other natural source. Although it is advised that water containing salt is avoided. A small fishing line, duct tape and can opener can also be of use.

Shelter can come in a variety of ways. Many survivalists choose tents as the preferred method of shelter. Tarpaulin shelters are also sometimes used. These sheets are easier and lighter to carry than the lightest of tents. Pocketknives, hunting knives, multi tool kits, pepper spray, whistle and binoculars are all considered essential outdoor gear items. Knives in particular can aid in building fires or shelter, hunting for food and in some situations self defense. Cord and a locking ‘D’ ring carabineer, are essential when climbing down steep or rocky hills and mountains. Although this is not going to happen to everyone, being prepared for it can significantly beneficial. Duct tape has a variety of uses, as do, plastic bags such as freezer, zip lock and garbage bags.

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