5 Weird Energy Sources

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In our never ending quest for energy sources, there have been remarkable scientific breakthroughs. According to Enmax Calgary, renewable energy usage has increased about 10 percent in the past couple years. Here are some alternative energy resources that are being tapped and some that well could be, even if they are a little bit on the odd side.



Algae has several beneficial uses that extend beyond feeding fish and other aquatic life. There have been studies done that have shown that the lipid oil found in algae not only has health benefits for humans, it can also be used as fuel.


The biggest challenge facing lipid oil as a renewable energy source is the large amount of product that would be need to be harvested. Large scale use is something to look at down the road, but for now, it can be used on a smaller scale.


Electric Eels

As odd as it may sound, an electric eel in Japan was hooked up to a set of Christmas lights. An electric eel is capable of a jolt of electricity of 440v. While this isn’t going to power your house any time soon, imagine having a tank of them ready to light up your annual holiday decorations or even an outdoor lamp that provides some light for a late night picnic.


Your Nightly Leftovers and Food Scraps

There are companies using leftover food like fruit peels and coffee grounds to create anaerobic digestion to create powerful gases. These gases are being harnessed to produce electricity.


Food that is often headed for the landfill is now being used to power small towns and houses. The future will continue to get even brighter with the ever increasing use of these gases, giving us near perfect renewable, sustainable power generation.


Sound Waves

We know that vibrations and sound waves can generate piezoelectricity. This is caused by harnessing a sound wave by putting some objects into mechanical stress. At present, it looks like this type of power is only useful for generating small amounts of electricity for uses such as charging a cell phone or small battery. However, as research grows and companies find ways to harness this power, we may see houses and small towns powered through this method.



Yes, everyone’s favorite food, chocolate can be used to produce energy. A UK company fed leftover waste from it’s chocolate factory and added it to e coli bacteria. The combination of the two created hydrogen. Hydrogen is a clean burning fuel with only one by-product: water. The fats in chocolate were also recently utilized to power a race car. This biofuel byproduct got the car up to 130 mph on the track. A New Hampshire-based company even started using cocoa beans to be converted into biofuels. They began taking what were originally waste products and turned them into new power source.
The future of alternative power generating methods is bright and continues to grow. As the dependence on fossil fuels begins to dwindle, companies and individuals are finding new methods. Some have been around for years and others are strange, shots in the dark.

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DIY Booby Traps

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Booby traps are devices used to notify you of the presence of an intruder in your premises. They are set in such a way that the intruder triggers them unknowingly and end up hurting themselves. Booby traps help to enhance the security of our premises. Making home booby traps is quite easy and can be done at home. However, great caution should be taken when building and setting them up so you do not end up hurting your family members or friends.


Tips for Making Booby Traps

When making booby traps, do not set them up in your house. Also, make sure that your home members are aware of areas containing the booby traps. This is because setting up booby traps in your home may result in harming your family members.


In setting up booby traps, do not use weapons that could kill the targeted victims. This is actually illegal and you will be held legally liable for the dead victims.


It is important that eco-friendly materials be used in making the booby traps. For example, you may use scrap wood. Also, booby traps should not be made such that they emit gases that contribute to air pollution. These materials are inexpensive. Therefore, they help you save on cost. Additionally, they help with your endeavors to conserve the environment


An Example of Easy Homemade Booby Traps

Trip Wires

Trips wires are some of the most effective and easy to make booby traps. They only trip unknowing intruders and delay them. The trip wires are connected to something that will delay the intruder. You may opt to connect your booby trap to a rock or any blunt object. The booby acts by making the object fall on the intruder when disturbed.


This type of booby trap is very easy to set up. You can easily find the materials for these booby traps in your homes. Some of these materials are waste that can instead be used constructively. This system requires little or no money to set up.


If your aim is to catch the intruder rather than injure him, the trip wire can be connected to an alarm system. Making an alarm system for your booby trap does not have to cost you a dime. Simple take that tin of mint from your trash can, a greetings cards and begin making your alarm. First, you will remove the music system from your greetings card and insert it in your tin. Then, make lots of holes in your tin such that the melody from the system is loud enough. If the trip wire is disturbed, it will also disturb the tin making it produce melody. This way, you will be warned that an intruder is in the vicinity. This type of alarm does not require any electricity to operate, hence making this booby trap system energy-efficient.


The trip wire can easily be installed on doors and windows. This way, if an intruder is trying to force their way in, you will instantly be notified.

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Signs of Doomsday that have come true

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Signs of Doomsday that have come true

In the 2012 a very popular story about Mayan calendar has become actual again – the prophecy about the end of the world, the greatest catastrophe that can wipe down the humanity. People don’t have the possibility to predict the future and they cannot know when will come to the end of the world as we know it today. However, this does not make the story any less popular. It is interesting, however, that even in the most represented religions in our world – Christianity and Islam, say that the end is very close!

It is interesting that some of these signs actually came true!

Serious businessmenIn The Bible, we have among other things, speech about last days: people will become envious, hateful, selfish, they will not respect their parents, they will be money loving, pleasure enjoying etc.

Many will agree that this is a fairly good description of the world we live in today.

The spread of immorality

You could say that we witness once sign more, given the huge rise in immoral behavior. Sexuality has become widely open and people are freely discussing their choices and pleasures, instead of keeping them behind closed doors.

On the other hand, according to the Christian belief, the signs of Resurrection Day will involve astronomical nature, but also a variety of natural disasters, which are really all over. It’s an interesting fact that in spite of the increase of bad behavior, the God’s word will be spread throughout the world – and this is still the case today.

In Islam, a direct sign of the end of the world is that men will meet men and women will meet women – which of course we are witnessing today.

Tony Chiaro, left, and Earnie Matheson, right, exchange rings in the first same sex marriage performed in Pulaski County following a ruling by the US Supreme Court that struck down bans on same sex marriage nation wide, Friday, June 26, 2015 in Little Rock, Ark. (AP Photo/Brian Chilson)

Time will also pass quickly – but doesn’t that remind us all that this is the case?! Christianity and Islam leave no doubt that the judgment day is near:
The Bible predicts about the last days and in the Old Testament (e.g. By Daniel the prophet) and in the New
Testament, a detailed description of the last days was given in John in his Revelation.

It is said that we would not know when the Son of God would come, we would have to wait for his return, but when he came to the Earth again, he would be judging everyone and no one would be spared.

resurrected-christ-wilson-ong-212048-wallpaperWe all know that we must one day die and through this death we leave this world. The Lord Jesus promises to those who believe, through death – which is called the first death – leaving without judgment to eternal life with him. Those who do not believe, go through the second death, and it is eternal separation from God, eternal ruin. Therefore, according to the Bible, there is a first resurrection, when the resurrected believers go to eternal life, and the second resurrection, when the resurrected unbelievers go to eternal perdition. That’s why in the Bible it’s said that blessed is the one who is the part in the first resurrection.

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