DIY Booby Traps

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Booby traps are devices used to notify you of the presence of an intruder in your premises. They are set in such a way that the intruder triggers them unknowingly and end up hurting themselves. Booby traps help to enhance the security of our premises. Making home booby traps is quite easy and can be done at home. However, great caution should be taken when building and setting them up so you do not end up hurting your family members or friends.


Tips for Making Booby Traps

When making booby traps, do not set them up in your house. Also, make sure that your home members are aware of areas containing the booby traps. This is because setting up booby traps in your home may result in harming your family members.


In setting up booby traps, do not use weapons that could kill the targeted victims. This is actually illegal and you will be held legally liable for the dead victims.


It is important that eco-friendly materials be used in making the booby traps. For example, you may use scrap wood. Also, booby traps should not be made such that they emit gases that contribute to air pollution. These materials are inexpensive. Therefore, they help you save on cost. Additionally, they help with your endeavors to conserve the environment


An Example of Easy Homemade Booby Traps

Trip Wires

Trips wires are some of the most effective and easy to make booby traps. They only trip unknowing intruders and delay them. The trip wires are connected to something that will delay the intruder. You may opt to connect your booby trap to a rock or any blunt object. The booby acts by making the object fall on the intruder when disturbed.


This type of booby trap is very easy to set up. You can easily find the materials for these booby traps in your homes. Some of these materials are waste that can instead be used constructively. This system requires little or no money to set up.


If your aim is to catch the intruder rather than injure him, the trip wire can be connected to an alarm system. Making an alarm system for your booby trap does not have to cost you a dime. Simple take that tin of mint from your trash can, a greetings cards and begin making your alarm. First, you will remove the music system from your greetings card and insert it in your tin. Then, make lots of holes in your tin such that the melody from the system is loud enough. If the trip wire is disturbed, it will also disturb the tin making it produce melody. This way, you will be warned that an intruder is in the vicinity. This type of alarm does not require any electricity to operate, hence making this booby trap system energy-efficient.


The trip wire can easily be installed on doors and windows. This way, if an intruder is trying to force their way in, you will instantly be notified.

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