Using Parachute Cord in Survival Situations

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016 in Survival

parachuteImage by Serhio Magpie

One of the strongest and most useful materials known to man is parachute cord. Used to secure the lines and harness of a parachute to the person that is being safely lowered to the ground, the cords that hold a massive load of weight and can stand up to the pressure of being pulled and tugged, are making their way into the fashion world. Making paracord collars and parachute cord bracelets that can be worn casually in any setting, a number of people are discovering the trendy fashion statement that is sweeping the nation. But fashion is not the only things that people are buying the parachute bracelets for.

Using the heavy duty cord to escape from a number of dangerous situations there are individuals that keep a supply of parachute cord near them at all times. Never knowing when they will need to lash together a shelter or even use the strength of the parachute cord for their survival, bracelets that are woven out of the machined material can be quickly unwound and used to help people that find themselves in a number of awkward situations. Due to the strength of the fabric there are a number of military personnel that have found many different practical uses for the cords that are intended to secure a parachute.

Being able to be woven into a rope, the cord is strong enough to tow a vehicle or come in handy when securing a lean to for shelter. Armed with a survival bracelet that has been made from parachute cord, campers and hunters have the ability to survive in situations when they are forced to make camp in the middle of nowhere and await the help of a rescue team. As Shelter is a number one priority for survivalists, it is important that the people who spend any amount of time in the outdoors be equipped with an easy to carry and practical tool that can provide them with a number of different resources for their continued existence.

Although they are designed to be a fashion statement, many people that enjoy roughing it in the outdoors are purchasing the parachute cord bracelets that are being custom created for the individual buyer. Choosing their own color combinations and sizing that will fit their own wrist some people are investing in their own survival by ordering pet collars that are constructed of the paracord fibers.

Allowing them to go out with their dog or cat and have access to the uses of the parachute cord material, if the need should arise, individuals that have a military background are making the most of their training by ensuring that if they ever get stuck they can use their pets, paracord collar to help them survive in the wilderness until help arrives.

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